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  • Did you send me an invitation on msn? It was Philip someone I never heard of so I just rejected.
    Im Very Very well thank you keeping a low profile on here as work has exploded over the last few months, and got a bit bitter about being at Camden on that fateful friday, all the way back in Jan and now its bloody August!

    But as its Moz all is forgiven.

    At least I didnt go all the way to USA - that may have killed my Moz obsession if that happend to me!

    I was pissed off enough with having to get a 20 min tube ride home with only 10 mins of the man!
    Hey, there is only ONE Phill Gatenby..... and yes, it was me:)

    how are you? yes long time no etc etc. I am very good thanks.
    Hi Mate, long time no speak and all that.

    Just a quick note to see if the Phill Gatenby I saw writing letters to the Metro the other day about Standing Room at Football grounds was your very good self.

    Viva Moz and up the Spurs!


    ok, that meant nothing to me...... I am 45 years of age and technology gets the better of me......
    supposing the youtube link was this - 123456

    now show me what you put either side of 123456

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