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    The OFFICIAL Manchester City F.C Thread

    Deanoooooooooooooooooooooo Yes this thread is still going...........single handidly by my goodself with the odd help from Moonbeam and a few reds:rolleyes: You need to visit more often:thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    The name of Morrisseys hair

    This is the problem here...... Kewpie is very clever.....she does most of her damage on PM's or silently changing my thread titles..... so no one gets to see or know about what she gets up to. I protest about her on open posts and stand up to her bullying and as a result I get told to ''let...
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    1srt Smiths album

    Which picture? This one............ Or this one? Jukebox Jury
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    JJ's Easter Message To The World

    Well you missed loads on here,, Daddy Cool will get banned if he posts this picture again... ....I have had a barny with Kewpie again and, er, that's it really:squiffy: Jukebox Jury
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    Ian Curtis To Have 'The' Bridge Named After Him

    Ah yes, I knew it was used when they came back from foreign shores when famous (presumably on private jets...and then they got a limo to their Surrey mansions:thumb:)...but the early days.....they wouldn't have got a flight from Speake to Hamburg;) Jukebox Jury
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    MLB 2010 Season

    I don't like the Red Sox..... because they are red:mad: but like Boston:thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    MLB 2010 Season

    Hey.........don't be knocking Boston:mad::mad::thumb: Jukebox Jury
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    JJ's Easter Message To The World

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: Jukebox Jury
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    JJ's Easter Message To The World

    Trubzzzzz Where have you been? Not seen you on here for ages.......:guitar: Welcome back.....:bow: Jukebox Jury
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    New York Meets Manchester Tonight in Brooklyn

    Nice one:guitar: Maybe Frank coudn't get his head through the airport metal scanner......:lbf: Jukebox Jury
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    Ian Curtis To Have 'The' Bridge Named After Him

    *cough, splutter* I didn't see the comments section.....honest....but yes City did score 3 goals in 8 minutes:guitar: And as for the forthcoming book.....(ahem) yes, this bridge will be included....(no title yet though:thumb:) Jukebox Jury
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    Ian Curtis To Have 'The' Bridge Named After Him

    I meant George Best's death, not Lemon's. The Beatles used Speake airport in the early days?????? Was it even an airport then.....shurley shome mishtake? Jukebox Jury
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    John Lennon Meets the drummer from Crass !

    :eek::eek: Is it the same bloke? Who became Penny Rimbaud:eek: I mean, I saw Crass at least 3 / 4 times.....but he would have been too old....can't remember back that far...(early 80's) Jukebox Jury
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