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    Morrissey deluxe edition box sets - the lack thereof

    From 2004 to 2011 The Fall re-released 19 albums in "Expanded Edition" formats. There have been 3 more between 2018 and 2020. If they can manage it, with their record label history anyone can!
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    Morrissey's music isn't for women

    I've waited months to make this important contribution. You said "anti-social", I think you mean "asocial".
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    Why would I apologise for this person? He's a dick and is thankfully now dead. Are you a bit slow or not right in the head? Do you think every single muslim supports what this individual did?
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    You're doing it again - not all muslims are fundamental muslims despite what you think. There are practising muslims living in Croatia that you wouldn't even recognise as muslim.
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    OK, thanks for telling me that my viewpoint is incorrect. I'm glad you did otherwise I may have continued believing that an opinion is a personal thing. ;)
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    Hmm. I think you could say the same about many other religions and yet they tend to adjust or relax their values to live and work in other countries. Do you honestly think that a UK muslim who lives and works and has a family in the UK would be accepted with open arms by another muslim who holds...
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    Missing albums on Spotify/Apple?

    And you don't have your music stored online somewhere else? :confused: You can't rely on Spotify for ever.
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    The west understands this perfectly well - they also understand that millions of muslims across the world don't take a fundamental view of islam, they choose to live their lives with others of different or no religion, they live and integrate with communities all around the world. That's because...
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    The subreddit "indieheads" [731,000 members] has banned all Morrissey content

    Speak for yourself, I and many others had already built Stonehenge 1,000 years before that :)
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    Rock's vegan fundamentalist: why Morrissey was ahead of his time - The Telegraph

    This has probably been posted already but I was surprised by this list of vegan foods. Compared to my current diet, this list is like a sumptuous banquet and I could quite happily turn vegan now.
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    Animal prison planned for Manchester - Morrissey Central

    It's not even reached the stage where a planning application has been submitted. It's just a person throwing ideas around and looking for possible locations - whilst at the same time gaining valuable publicity. The Carrington area discussed is part of the Mersey Valley and is also used as an...
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    How Do You Interpret "Driving Your Girlfriend Home"

    To me it sounds like someone offered a friend's girlfriend a lift home (innocently, no ulterior motive) and she starts confiding intimate details of her relationship and how she is very unhappy but won't do anything about it. This all feels rather uncomfortable and the person doing the driving...
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    Morrissey and Cornershop

    Did Cornershop 'have a go' at Oasis and Blur for their links to the Union Jack or protest at the Britpop genre flirting with right-wing imagery? Do they know the history of skinheads - doesn't sound like it. The comments about people not being able to wear their country's flag is laughable - the...
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    "This Is Morrissey" vinyl released today (Aug. 31, 2018); also: US CD, streaming services

    Next we could have a box set of Moz compilation albums - with a free K-tel record selector and a Ronco record vacuum.
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    We all knew his take on immigration - so why the hate now?

    Do you think "punctured bicycle" is a euphemism?
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