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    Morrissey and The Royals: Where Do You Stand?

    Ran a similar poll not long ago, although it was specifically about William and Kate. The result? Most of us simply do not give a shit about them either way, and, would you believe, some of us actually quite like them?
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    What do you want Morrissey to focus on in 2013?

    I'm with you on this one i.e. add to the current line up. The very best Boz and Jesse songs deserve a place, but an album without anyone else contributing is not an appealing prospect (unless Boz rediscovered his Jack The Ripper/Now My Heart Is Full/More You Ignore Me form). I don't think...
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    What do you want Morrissey to focus on in 2013?

    It goes without saying that Morrissey could get a new album into the shops. What’s stopping him is that he doesn’t believe the offers he receives are generous enough for the quality of his songs, and his status in the music industry (fair enough), but the fact that he could now record and...
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    "The Right Thing Right", Johnny Marr Track From The Messenger

    New Johnny Marr song - The Right Thing, Right Not sure why this has been made available - perhaps due to be the second single? Also, why is Marr's stuff kept in the General forum but Boz Boorer (who is...
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    Gene's Martin Rossiter Interview, Comparisons With Morrissey -

    The album's been picking up some great reviews - seen nothing but 8s and 9s out of 10. Shame it's got such an awful title. Worth noting that Rossiter has genuinely gone solo, too, i.e. he writes the words, the music, and plays the instruments (so not solo in the Morrissey sense which just meant...
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    Boz's new solo album 'Some of the Parts' - any good?

    I've not spent much time round here recently so don't know if this has been discussed (tried a quick search). Anyone got it? Read any reviews? Of some interest, surely, as a few of the songs' demos may presumably have made a Morrissey album. I saw it in HMV today. Makes a mockery of the...
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    Johnny Marr's fantasy super group line-up - NME

    A (mildly amusing) thought has just occurred to me. What we need is for Morrissey to be asked for his fantasy super-group line-up. When choosing a guitarist he could then say: "I really like (whoever's) style of guitar playing. He never plays in that bloody awful 80's-indie jangly style...
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    Johnny Marr - The Messenger - Video

    Oh dear - it's heartbreaking isn't it? It's not the best thing Marr's ever done, but the music is just light years better than almost everything Morrissey's put out in the last 10 years. Crisp, clear, melodic guitar lines, interesting rhythms, instantly appealing chord progressions. How...
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    Bryan Adams' first photography book will include Morrissey

    Does indeed sound unlikely but I remember when it happened (around the time Ringleader of the Tomatoes was released).
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    Whose new album are you most looking forward to - Morrissey's or Johnny Marr's?

    It's a nice idea that the right producer and engineer can turn so-so songs into masterpieces but it just doesn't work like that. Vauxhall and I is considered to be Morrissey's best ever album, Maladjusted is considered one of his worst (if not the worst). Yet, the producer, Steve Lillywhite, was...
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    Whose new album are you most looking forward to - Morrissey's or Johnny Marr's?

    Interesting to see the level of excitement for J Marr's new album. If it was just another Healers album, I don't think I would be bothered. He's clearly changed his style though, returning to the joyful jangle of the Smiths era. Was really impressed by his recent Smiths covers too - surprised at...
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    Whose new album are you most looking forward to - Morrissey's or Johnny Marr's?

    This would have been a no-brainer for me a couple of years ago, but having heard new songs by both of them since then, now I'm not so sure...
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    Suggest a question for a Morrissey email interview

    Mr SP Morrissey - over 20 years ago, back in 1990, you released a song called 'Get Off The Stage' about the pitiful sight of middle-aged pop groups, apparently inspired by the Rolling Stones latest comeback tour. Back then they were in their late 40s, i.e. a little younger than you are now. The...
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    Suggest a question for a Morrissey email interview

    Yes, you're quite right Amy (well there'd be a strop rather than a black eye) - the question would need to be worded differently but the issues it raises are spot on. All his peers are accepting their reduced status and/or the changing nature of the music industry, and are happy to put albums...
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    Suggest a question for a Morrissey email interview

    And another one. Virtually all of your peers who found fame and critical acclaim back in the 1980s, and have subsequently enjoyed long careers, have realised that they now need to put out albums independently or on small labels. These include people like Billy Bragg, Paul Heaton and Robert Smith...
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