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    What Morrissey fans do you hate

    Most of you kooky f***s. I've been periodically reading all of your bullshits for the past 15 years now and everytime its the same shit. Cockmongering intellect fest to win the "clever asshole" award of the day. Im done. *drops mic* :brows:
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    Morrissey Pomona Ticket Details Announced

    ah. Yes, very true. Traffic will be the death of us all that day. I guess i have to figure out what time i should head out there. Im not one to wait all day anymore. Well, i guess ill beat all the traffic and get there about midday. Drink my ass off around town. Look for a someone to fight in a...
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    Morrissey Pomona Ticket Details Announced

    actually no i had it 8pm as usual? If so, its gonna be a looooooong day....:lbf:
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    Do you like Soft Cell?

    im actually listening to marc almond because of this thread. Talk about fun music!
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    What is all this hostility to Morrissey Solo about?

    'you can run an tell dat homeboy!!' not really, its more like haters who cant move on with their lives. i will continue to read and rarely post in this site. suck my arsenal.
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    Is there is new album coming? Does anyone know?

    all i keep picturing is the elvis pathway......100 random f***ing songs about the most random shit. Lol. id still buy the crap. talk about a beaten housewife, they always come back!
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    Statement by Morrissey on TrueToYou, Sept 14th, re. Smiths cds, blog & tour

    Sounds like morrissey is a lil butthurt. I wonder how one (marr) makes money over the other(moz)?
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    Morrissey Pomona Ticket Details Announced

    This reminds me of seinfeld. Its all about being able to, " 'hold' the reservation". lol.... thats the integral part of reserved seating. which btw really sucks if you have shit to do that day. :straightface: -*eff you, grammar nazis*
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    Morrissey Pomona Ticket Details Announced

    true. they are quite useless. My buddy stood out in the rain last year. Wasnt happy to find out there was two lines lol to start with. Balcony is expensive and ridiculous. I better be able to see morrisseys butthole flex from there for 122 bucks............yes, i said butthole flexing.:eek:
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    Morrissey Pomona Ticket Details Announced

    FYI, ive secured tickets for pomona. I instantly jumped on the presale an secured a single ticket. But it will not pull up a $100 GA level 1 ticket. Now, i got a level 2 GA. SO, wtf is a level 2 GA i ask? But there is no discrepancy being made in the floor map itself. Also if you considering...
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    LA tickets pre-sale!

    lollllloll youre not really thinking that a KROQ presale is a secret right? geesh. Anywho, for those who are really interested in securing tickets now, ive managed to get pomona and shrine tickets at the moment.
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    Help a fella out...please :)

    The only way you ll get to the front is if you're a drunk 200 lbs. hispanic with selfish interests. Otherwise, get there really early. (a.m.)
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    vegas, who's going?

    me and my buddy will be heading out there. Boozing and red eyed, looking for a yo selves!
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    Shrine Auditorium - L.A. tix will go on sale Friday 9/16 at Ticketmaster

    Re: TICKET (PRE-SALE) INFO: Morrissey at Shrine Auditorium on Nov 26, 2011 i wouldnt even bother with kroq presale......always garbage for me. Shit sells out instantly all thanks to the scalping 'bots'. Im tired of ticketmaster.
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    US Tour Dates out

    Re: Shrine Auditorium - L.A. tix will go on sale Friday 9/16 at Ticketmaster Were all patiently waiting. Just keep jumping in daily. Something is bound to pop up....
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