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    Vancouver, BC - Orpheum Theatre (Oct. 15, 2019) post-show

    So 40 some comments and not a single one about the gig? This place really is a cess pool of f***ing idiots. You’ve got Rifke who is demented on one side and Skinny who is demented on the polar opposite. I’ve had it with this site and the f***tards who frequent it. It was all about Morrissey, now...
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    Morrissey Central: "New York" & "Morrissey Is A New York Doll" (21 August, 2019)

    Don’t really know where you’ve suddenly come from, but I wish you’d return. Your comments are generally fatuous and ill conceived
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    Morrissey with Thelma Houston: singing on next album "early 2020" (pictured 12 August, 2019)

    Does disliking music made by black people mean you hate black people? I hate a lot of music but doesn’t mean I hate the people who created it. I can’t stand rap for example yet both black and white people create rap and I can’t stand either. I dislike most of the modern chart music which both...
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    Forest Hills, NY show 2019-09-07 selling 4 tickets for $99 (no fees) this weekend

    And what’s wrong with being an Islamaphobe? It is a set of beliefs that’s have been bastardised by the few to subjugate the many. The same as all religions. All sane people must reject these cults for humankind to progress and survive.
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    The Independent - Morrissey Central (25/6/2019)

    For Britain is not far right on the traditional political spectrum. However because every party since the early nineties has become more central, all those thinking outside are now ‘far right’ or ‘far left’. It was Neil Kinnock who moved the Labour Party into the central ground because he knew...
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    "California Son" review in

    Ok, let’s put politics to one side just for a moment and talk about the music. Now Morrissey set an extremely high bar for himself both with The Smiths and for a good ten years after. I will humbly admit to my devoteeism at the altar of Moz. Yet the musical output over the last three albums have...
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    Morrissey Strikes Back: The Pin Is Mightier Than The Sword - Travis LeBlanc /

    I am out and out Glen Johnsonaphobic. What kind of sick f*** mind could possibly conceive this way of thinking, never mind believe it. How can you possibly think that you are any better than the Jewish, Islamic, Black, Asian or any other person on this planet. The fact you do, makes ‘you’ the...
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    Political pundit Styxhexenhammer weighes in on Morrissey poster ban

    My flipping god!!! This twunt just takes the longest words he knows, strings them together, then hopes for best in some pseudo intellectual attempt at cohesion. I get his point but Jesus!!!!
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