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    Mporium (UK): selection of Vegas items for sale (August 31, 2021)

    I am sure the SS is just the font used for the Caesars Palace Vegas, which is kinda famous....
  2. 1200px-CaesarsPalacelogo.svg.png


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    Morrissey Central "NEW RELEASE" (October 31, 2020)

    I got this when it first came out from HMV, good its available again
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    Morrissey Central "NEW RELEASE" (October 31, 2020)

    Anyone know whats happening to this, cant find it anywhere for sale?.....cheers
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    Morrissey Central "SOON / 2020 new releases" (September 6, 2020)

    Brilliant news, been after YATQ for years on vinyl, have it on CD, wont have to get a mortgage to buy it now from Discogs. :), isnt YATQ cover the same as the original release?. Does any one know the release dates
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    Morrissey Central "ELIZABETH ANNE DWYER" (August 8, 2020)

    love to you Moz and your Mum, I'm gutted for you, I lost my Mum just two weeks before lock down , I know what your going through, keep strong x
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    Best of 6 Music Live 2017

    Includes Moz link below cheers
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    2020 live dates

    Got 2 tickets for SSE Arena March 14th, :) alas couldnt do Leeds, hopefully he wont cancel like Manchester this time
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    Nick Cave on Morrissey - new issue of the Red Hand Files
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    Morrissey Central: "IT'S STARTING" - It's Over cover art & blue vinyl (October 12, 2019)

    Had a search for it in the usual places who have had Mozs 7" on pre-order, nothing so far?.
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