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    Here we go again another fake

    that Nirvana 7" o_O Maybe should be listed again more accurately, 'defaced copy of Sliver, free to a good home'....
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    Rarest Smiths/Moz

    The value is well out of date though....
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    Rarest Smiths/Moz

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    need help about an estimation of this TCM 7"

    From the Hotel Metropole in Brussels where Marais stayed. Autograph looks good
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    TTY: FORTHCOMING SMITHS 45 - Body-art / tattoo by Sam Esty Rayner

    Just embarrassing. Get an actual job for god's sake....
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    Here we go again another fake

    4 bids. There really are some mugs out there. Utter garbage.
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    Italian Suedehead 7"

    I only got told today, it's the SIAE stamp, Italian copyright, thankyou Ordinary Boy !
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    Post YOUR Collection Thread

    How's this a boast? The thread exists for this very reason. Post Your Collection....
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    Smiths - Hong Kong LP?

    Re: Smiths - Hong Kong LP?? ....any pics? outer and inner sleeve, labels, matrix? Would be helpful.
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    Magnificent Moz - SER latest shopped image on Facebook

    Witless, clueless, soulless. Embarrassing. Much like everything else he's done then.
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    David Mitchell's "The Bone Clocks" references "The Queen Is Dead" poster

    David Mitchell is a serial offender for this sort of thing. He uses phrases and slang in another book of his; Black Swan Green (also set in the 80's); which as a teenager in that decade; I know for a fact weren't used then! Of course it's just fiction, but it's irritating!
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    The Smiths not inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame in 2015

    Who gives a rat's ass? Bunch of dinosaurs. I'm glad the Smiths aren't part of this.
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