So Far Away

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  • Hiya! It's Roxanne, remember from the birthday concert in Manchester?
    I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long to speak to you but I've only just read your comment on the post-show thread now when I was skimming through it!

    Anyway, let me know if you do remember me and if you're in Manchester we should meet up!

    P.S- That was a bloody good concert and the shirt pieces are framed. Ciao!
    so sorry to hear about the a**hole tout..he should burn in hell!
    so sorry !
    a tip:
    look around the forum marketplace: you get face value tixs there from fans(best suscribe to thread and also do a thread telling your story from the frink
    also on the day of the concert some may come officially avaiable again or you get hrm cheap on the day of the concert..damm touts get panic when it looks liek they wont get rid of it
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