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    The Inevitable Buzzcocks Cover Thread.

    From the recent 02 radio broadcast:
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    Rare Morrissey/Smiths Photos Found loads of Morrissey/Smiths photos that I've never seen before ... Particularly like that one hehe
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    1) Nobody Loves Us 2) Swallow On My Neck 3) Disappointed 4) Sister, I'm A Poet 5) Teenage Dad On His Estate 6) The Edges Are No Longer Parallel 7) Ganglord 8) I Can Have Both 9) Jack The Ripper 10) The Never Played Symphonies 11) I've Changed My Plea To Guilty 12) I'd Love To 13)...
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    "I Want to Wrap My Arms Around Paris"

    Hmmm, could this be "No Room For Oscar" ?
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    Morrissey/Smiths songs you can't bear?

    I find it hard to listen to "The Never Played Symphonies" ... it's too relatable to my life at the moment.
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    And I had a look of bedevilment

    It's definitely Morrissey singing.
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    Morrissey Halloween Remix For some bizarre reason, I rather like this! I love the Derek Acorah part at the end! :D
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    the never played symphonies

    I wholeheartedly agree ...
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    Johnny Marr - Rare Tracks - 1980

    Just surfing YouTube, when I came across this: Click Here There are also three other similar tracks. Thoughts?
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    seven ages of rock bbc2

    Yup, it did towards the end ... :)
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    Marr on Moz in new Mojo

    Click Here Watch especially between 7:10 and 8:20. Although he's not exactly slagging Marr off ...
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    The Stranglers :)
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