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    A blog poster is offended by (name can't be mentioned)

    This inquiry should probably have it's own thread, but why is this an instrumental? Is there a story behind it having no lyrics, as well as "Oscillate..."
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    A blog poster is offended by (name can't be mentioned)

    from a blog I frequent" https://thenewvinylvillain.com/2021/11/02/when-i-wake-up-well-i-know-im-gonna-be/ "…..in a hotel room in Manchester, having come down on the train yesterday. It’s a three night stay, the purpose of which is to catch up with a few folk for the first time in years...
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    Johnny Marr – Discography

    from: http://itsonlyrockandroll.info/johnny-marr-discography/ Albums: 2003 – Boomslang [ft.The Healers] 2013 – The Messenger 2014 – Playland 2018 – Call The Comet EP & Singles: 2010 – Life Is Sweet (Todd Margaret Theme) 2013 – The Messenger 2013 – New Town Velocity 2013 – Upstarts 2014 –...
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    Johnny Marr – Fever Dreams, Pt. 1 EP (2021)

    from: http://itsonlyrockandroll.info/johnny-marr-fever-dreams-pt-1-ep-2021/ Tracklist: 01. Johnny Marr – Spirit Power and Soul 02. Johnny Marr – Receiver 03. Johnny Marr – All These Days 04. Johnny Marr – Ariel
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    A Heavenly Way to Die

    Probably old but I just came across it. from: https://www.moretvicar.com/collection/t-shirts/product/a-heavenly-way-to-die-mens-light-blue-t-shirt
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    Morrissey Central "Hold On To Your Friends." (September 29, 2021)

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    A brief Morrissey mention in a blog that praises Alain (July 16, 2021)

    from: https://newamusements.blogspot.com/2021/07/blue-friday-seasick-yet-still-docked.html "I seem to be developing a habit of posting about songs by He Who Shall Not Be Named, without writing about him. Here's another. I dont think Alain Whyte gets the credit he deserves. He was Steven's...
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    90s/Britpop photography

    from: https://newamusements.blogspot.com/2021/06/caught-beneath-landslide.html (more pictures and words at the link) For more than a decade Kevin Cummins was chief photographer at the NME - sounds like a dream job, right? Hanging out with cool bands, creating iconic images, being backstage at...
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    Family Line

    What would an sealed, never played specimen be worth?
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    Enya turns 60...some comparison to Morrissey

    article from: https://rockandrollglobe.com/irish/the-garbo-of-pop-enya-at-60/ The comparison (though not stated in the article, just my opinion): "Question posed to Enya: Has there ever been a story or review written about her that has not contained the word “ethereal”? “That I couldn’t...
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    Whores in Retirement

    Does anyone know the story behind old Mogsy's pseudonym, "Whores in Retirement"? I came across a film on TCM, "Ladies in Retirement", which as soon as I saw the title I thought of Whores. Its an old film from 1941, based on a play from 1940. Curious if there might be a connection.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    from a blog I check on occasionally: https://newamusements.blogspot.com/2021/03/sense-memory.html some may relate to the memory that is told (this is not my blog/story).... (The Smiths/Moz mention in BOLD) Sense memory Last time I was able to visit my parents (i.e. some time ago now), I...
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