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    Who could Morrissey collaborate with?

    Ahh it's a shame he turned Sparks down! :( One of my favourite bands. Perhaps Patti Smith would be a good choice, her last album was very good I thought... or Bat for Lashes? She did a track with Scott Walker. I think he'd be better working with a female singer perhaps, unless it's David...
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    Scott Walker

    Well I'm not even sure I'm a fan! And I don't know his older music would be my kind of thing? I'll have a look at that though, cheers Kewpie! :)
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    Scott Walker

    Hello, is anyone around here was a fan of Scott Walker? I've never heard his older music but I've been listening to the albums Tilt and The Drift. I like some dark music [disintegration has some dark songs right?] but his music is almost frightening at times! Very interesting guy I think but...
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    Vauxhall and I is Overrated

    I come on here occasionally just to look around really and I've seen so much praise for this album but I don't really get it. I don't dislike Vauxhall and I, I think its a decent album, better than Kill Uncle and Maladjusted actually. Other than a couple of excellent tracks though the album...
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    New albums from Björk and The Drums

    Well Im pretty excited about these releases. Sorry to use one post for both I just didnt want to take up much space :) But yeah I really wanted to go and see Björk in Manchester a couple of months back but nobody would come with me :o I hope she tours around here soon So does anyone else...
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    Would you like to hear Morrissey do a cover on the tour?

    perhaps a Joy Division song... Isolation or Atmosphere would be so cool :thumb: or... The Rip by portishead... I love the suede song o but he probably doesnt have the range to cover it. Talking heads road to nowhere would be cool but its kind...
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    What song/s are you obsessed with at the moment

    I love the Drums even if all their stuff sounds pretty damn similar :p
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    Remix albums/singles.....any good ones?

    Im not sure if Beck is popular with people on here or if hes considered rubbish :( but i think this remix by Air of his song missing is really very cool :) see what you think...
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    If you could never hear TWO solo albums again...

    I would actually go for Maladjusted [I dont like it much at all really] and probably Vauxhall and I :eek: although it seems most people seem to love that one so I guess im in the minority :( I think it has a few really good songs but overall I find it quite boring I LOVE Ringleader of the...
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    Post your top ambient tunes here

    Röyksopp - The Alcoholic - Anoraak - Above your head - Boards of canada - The color of the fire - [this one is scary :blushing:] Radiohead - Treefingers -...
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    Hey :) hopefully its not rude to start another topic when I have only made a couple of posts here :( and excuse my bad grammar most of the grammar keys have broke on my keyboard. Anyway Blondie have a new album - Panic of girls - coming out in June sometime I have all their albums so far and...
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    I love the seduction of Ingmar Bergman too- but its £30- or more- on CD from America :( and I dont have much money- I shall buy it sometime though :) Its probably not going to happen :o but does anyone here have the song - Brenda is always in the way - it was a bonus japanese track from Exotic...
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    :) Well to be honest I havent really listened all that much to the earlier stuff Im not really into hardcore stuff becuase im a girl :p - [Im not a girl really just a pussy :lbf:] but yeah I do like the art of drowning a lot and thats kind of in between :D but :eek: I love...
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    Well I looked back over the past 10 or so pages here and couldnt find anything about Sparks - perhaps nobody likes them here :( But anyway Sparks are one of my favourite bands- and I just wondered what anyone else thought about them and what your favourite songs or albums are My favourite...
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