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    Morrissey Central "X FACTOR ITALIA" (October 23, 2021)

    Thought that was piss-awful, personally.
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    Question Archer's Bigmouth lyric attribution - anyone help?

    Just downloaded a PDF as well. Searched it. Quick and easy solution. Not in there, in either "tooth" or "bludgeon" form. Would have been surprised if it was, really. Morrissey never struck me as the type to read shitey novels by slimy Tory MPs, especially in the 80s. Rest easy.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "You Were Good in Your Time"

    From: "And when you're dancing And laughing and finally living Hear my voice in your head And think of me kindly..." To: "An end-of-the-ride sigh Your soft smile says: "please understand, I must surrender." Then you grip with your hand Now so small in mine Are you aware wherever you are...
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    Morrissey attends Joan Collins in conversation - The Lowry, Salford (October 17, 2021)

    Is Moz waiting in line to get a Joan Collins book signed? I find that hilarious, just on general principle.
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    Morrissey Central "CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TIME ?" (October 20, 2021)

    The passing of time And all of its sickening crimes Is making me sad again...
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    Morrissey And The Beats

    I asked the exact same question a few days ago, and nobody answered me, either. Chuckling.
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    No fight club

    Hate emasculated Antipodean male psychologists? Who doesn't, right? This one's for you! :crazy::poop:
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    Stephen King's next novel

    "Show me those dirty pillows!"
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    Morrissey And The Beats

    Seen Morrissey mention the Beat Poets (Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac) and Neal Cassady (the protagonist from On The Road) in a couple of songs. Anybody any idea about his thoughts on that literary movement? He ever talked about them in any interview?
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    Carter doing The Smiths

    Forgot about this one.
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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Moz Cartoon Appearance. I suppose this one can go under 'Strange/unexpected Moz appearances,' or whatever the f*** that thread is called I couldn't find. Transfer it if you want. Dunno why Moz is in this in cartoon form, singing along like Live Aid, really. Maybe jealousy. Jim Bob's lyrics...
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    Poll Kickstarter : Bonfire Of Teenagers

    It's only the man's obsession with vinyl and physical media that stops him releasing the album himself. Maybe it's age, maybe it's vanity, I dunno. He could release the album tomorrow online by himself and the amount of fans he still has would make sure it made him money, without a record label...
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    Have to admit, I do love

    Like there is such a thing as a non-obsessive Morrissey fan. Laughing here. But at least I have a sense of humour about it. Have not heard anything he did between 1991 to 2009, nor since, much, really. So sue me. :)
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    Have to admit, I do love

    I am not talking about hearing it here. ;)
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