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    Strange/unexpected Moz references?

    Scrolling on tiktok today in my home office and came across an unexpected Morrissey impression - quite nice to see in this context really!
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    Early Smiths influences in the Soviet Union – Кино́

    Cheers everyone! Recently I've been listening more to the back catalog of Kino, who are arguably Russia's most loved rock group – the kind of band whose songs can be heard covered by street musicians all over the former eastern block, and that's still igniting flames today amidst what's...
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    Morrissey Central "SOON / 2020 new releases" (September 6, 2020)

    Perhaps he's having these ridiculous sleeves done on purpose, just to piss off a certain segment of his fan base? I think the original design for Quarry was wonderfully done and has aged very well despite having some distinctive traits of its era to it; always reminds me of the original Gucci...
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    Omega Auctions: memorabilia auction results (June 30, 2020)

    Congrats! Just out of curiosity - what made the price go that far for the Barcelona poster specifically? Isn't it the same one as sold here, for example?
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    Ricky Gervais, Robbie Williams sing Smiths/Morrissey in live broadcasts

    Robbie's suddenly become such a thug, would be great on a 1990s Morrissey t-shirt
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    2020 live dates

    Cologne seems to be very much on!
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    "I Am Not A Dog On A Chain" - pre-order, format details and exclusives summary; new bundles site

    I've thought about all of this quite a lot, and after having danced to it for a few rounds, I must say I do love the new track. The lyrics don't really come across as clever, nor do they tell a good story, but the title line enough is catchy enough to make for a fun track - in a way similar to...
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    "I Want A Boy For My Birthday"/Dale Hibbert YouTube channel removed

    What's wrong with letting people wait for it though? Especially as there might not be anything better coming out on the Moz front. (Which I hope is not true!) As Bowie passed, it was announced that he had scheduled a decade worth of new releases. I personally like this feeling that something is...
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    The existential philosophy behind "People are the Same Everywhere" - Pop Music Explained

    I can't help but to feel that you haven't read too much of the later Heidegger. He resigned from his rectorship in 1934 as he was disappointed in nazism, and although he remained an inactive member of the party, he made some thoroughly critical remarks on the movement in his "Introdiction to...
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    Mporium UK: new T-shirt additions (11 September, 2019)

    Is the "Two Lumps" mug new as well? I see that it was tagged a 1995 rarity just a few months back - did they start reproduction just now? I'm loving the...
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    Johnny Marr debuts Smiths classic live in Jersey as Morrissey begins Broadway run - Brooklyn Vegan

    I've always had some trouble trying to play and sing this song simultaneously. Glad to see Johnny can't do it either to be honest!
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    Trying to find morrissey 60 x 40 inch posters to buy

    I think I do have a mint World Peace poster in that size if you're interested. Also a cat-on-the-head one from 2011 which is unfortunately folded. You can DM.
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    A lovely old Morrissey postcard from 1985 presumably

    He sent his fan a photo of Mike Joyce, that's a good one!
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    Der Spiegel audio file of Morrissey interview released

    From reading 'Renegade', a biography co-written by Smith, I remember he used to dis Morrissey in almost every chapter - with a certain envy, but no sign of fandom
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