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    Is it racist?

    It always was and wasn't called racism before.
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    What are you up to this spring?

    It's a great movie. I saw it with a friend just recently and she was never that interested in those kinds of movies but she was with England is Mine.
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    What are you watching on YouTube right now?

    Paris managed to be always relevant. She just is Paris.
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    What Morrissey fans do you hate

    Some fans know tons, and yeah, they do know almost everything. But humility people. It doesn't make you any better than anyone. Or maybe yeah LOL you know better, but you don't need to be rude.
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    I just read a thread and it's crazy what people know. I guess I still have a lot to know as some of the things here still surprises me.
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    Morrissey as folk devil

    Yay, I was reading a couple of pages and decided to skip to this last one. LOL Crazy thread indeed. But there's a lot in here though.
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