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  1. David Talaga

    Talaga says sorry

    Hello all, I want to apologize to everyone for wasting their time with my last post. I really didn't mean to ruffle any feathers but that I did. To say sorry I put a Smiths bootleg on ebay for auction starting off at a buck. It's a seven day auction. Again I am sorry that I made some people...
  2. David Talaga

    sold: Morrissey silver back bootlegs on eBay

    I just put some Morrissey Bootlegs up on eBay. They are ALL silver back bootlegs unless noted. You can find them here: DIGITAL EXCITATION - DREAMS I’LL NEVER SEE - HIGHER EDUCATION -...
  3. David Talaga

    Unofficial singles box on discogs

    I am putting my collection in Discogs and can't find the unofficial box set with the 13 singles in there. Can anyone help me find them? Thanks in advance.
  4. David Talaga

    What's my collection worth?

    Hello. I am looking to sell my entire Moz cd colle tion and was wondering what you thought it might be worth. You can see my collection here. Note that I have a lot of Japan realeases and a number of bootlegs. I'd love to see what you all think it might be worth. I know they are cds and are not...
  5. David Talaga

    Possible trade?

    I have a copy of "Life Is Very Long When You're Lonely" bootleg for trade. It's graded VG+/VG+. I've only played it once. Looking for Morrissey bootlegs. I already have the following: Higher Education Dreams I'll Never See In Person Famous When Dead Nothing To Declare But My Jeans The More You...
  6. David Talaga

    Higher Education bootleg on ebay

    You can find it here: If you are interested and want to trade I'm also up for that.
  7. David Talaga

    Morrissey singles advanced and bootlegs for sale

    Hello all, I have a few CDs that I am getting rid of (extras) and I put them on ebay. The bids start at $25.00 and I'm only mailing to the US. The value isnt really in the CDs, although there is an Advanced Copy of Maludjusted, going for 10 on eBay. The value is in the bootleg. Have a look...
  8. David Talaga

    Looking for silver backed bootlegs

    I am currently looking for bootlegs and can't find any anywhere so I am coming to you. I have Digital Excitation, Dreams Ill Never See, Higher Education, I'm a Poet, In Person, Nothing To Declare But My Jeans, and The More You Ignore Me The Closer I Get. Any takers? Will pay what there worth...
  9. David Talaga

    Signed Morrissey cd on ebay

    Hello, I was looking at buying a signed copy of Viva Hate on ebay and was wondering what you all thought of it. They are asking $215.99 for it and that sounded reasonable...
  10. David Talaga

    Iso: LIHS box set

    Looking to see if anyone has the LIHS boxset for sale?
  11. David Talaga

    Looking for Battersea Patisserie bootleg

    I am trying to find the Battersea Patisserie Bootleg and seeing if anyone would happen to have it and be willing to sell it. Looked on Discogs and VG is a little under $20.00. Let me know if you're willing to part with it.
  12. David Talaga

    Morrissey bootlegs

    Hello, first of all, I didn't know whether or not to put this here VS. collectors forum. So I put it here. If it's in the wrong place please feel free to move it. Now to the point. I am looking for Morrissey bootlegs on VINYL. I have a handful of them on cd. I want them on vinyl. I know that...
  13. David Talaga

    Starting to collect

    Hello. I am just now starting to collect a Morrissey vinyl collection. I already have his full discography on cd, just want it in vinyl too. But I have found that I could get a single in 7" and 12". For collecting purposes, what would be better to buy, the 7" or the 12"? Thank you.
  14. David Talaga

    Nearly complete Morrissey CD collection

    Hello, I am thinking about letting my Morrissey cd collection go. I have just about everything he has put out including all box sets and 6 bootlegs. You can see the whole collection here. As far as how much I want for this whole collection I wouldn't even know where to start. Any suggestions
  15. David Talaga

    Bootleg from the Greek Los Angeles October 12, 1997

    I have this bootleg that I purchased in part of a lot. It's from October 12,1997 at the Greek in Los Angeles. Is there anyway anyone can fill be in about this bootleg? All I have is a burnt cd with no artwork. Any help?
  16. David Talaga

    The smiths trade for Morrissey

    I have a numbered copy of the Smiths "There is a light that never goes out" that I would like to trade. The number on it is 131 and the disks are flawless. It has two disks. They are going for roughly the 20 on discogs. I would like to trade for a Morrissey bootleg or equal or similar value. Any...
  17. David Talaga

    Morrissey bootlegs to buy

    Hi, I have been trying to find a recent thread about where to buy Morrissey bootlegs and haven't been able to track any down. I am. In the market to buy and was wondering a couple things. First where can I find them, and second, what is the going rate? I don't want to rip someone off if they...
  18. David Talaga

    Collection display

    Hello all. I have a Morrissey collection that I would like to display in some way and haven't a clue of how to do that. Does anyone have any ideas? I have all his cds. And am just starting to collect vinyl. How do you guys display your collection or do you just have it to have it?
  19. David Talaga

    Looking for Everyday is like Sunday redesigned version

    I am in search of the redesigned version of Everyday Is Like Sunday. I am willing to pay what it's worth. I can't find it ANYWHERE. I am looking for the CD. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  20. David Talaga

    Bootleg CDs

    I might be asking in the wrong place but I am looking for CDs of Morrissey bootlegs. Where would I find them? I'm trying to start a collection. Thanks.
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