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  1. HangtheDJ16

    Morrissey spotted getting into car with 'I only swerve for Morrissey' bumper sticker-MEN, Daily Mail

    It’s obviously not Morrissey’s car - he’s getting into the passenger seat ‍♂️
  2. HangtheDJ16

    What are Morrissey fans to do now?

    I’m flying in from Ireland but have the option of cancelling my accommodation for free before tomorrow night.. I’m considering not going, unless I can find something else decent happening on Saturday night..
  3. HangtheDJ16

    Tucson, AZ - Fox Tucson Theatre (Apr. 10, 2017) post-show

    San Antonio officially cancelled according to website:
  4. HangtheDJ16

    Jessica Brown Findlay talks about playing Linder in "England Is Mine" - Culture Trip

    I love Jessica Brown Findlay - a great actress and a beautiful woman. I imagine this film will be very slight - hopefully it doesn't do too many injustices.
  5. HangtheDJ16

    Bergen, Norway - Grieghallen (Aug. 6, 2016) post-show

    Only one Smiths song, and it's Meat is Murder o_O
  6. HangtheDJ16

    Johnny Marr's Autobiography - possible November 2016 release date

    I guess it's because so many of these types of 'autobiographies' are ghostwritten that it makes it a sort of novelty - sad, I know. .
  7. HangtheDJ16

    D.A.R.K. - new Andy Rourke and Dolores O'Riordan band

    Has anybody mentioned this yet? The Smiths meets the Cranberries. Apparently they're playing in Dolan's in Limerick and Whelan's in Dublin in May. Dolores in D.A.R.K. with ex-member of The Smiths - RTE Ten Cranberries front woman Delores O'Riordan has teamed up with former Smiths bass player...
  8. HangtheDJ16

    Jack Lowden will portray the early life of Morrissey in "Steven"

    That dude from Twilight looks a bit like Morrissey. Pity he's a proper, big film star..
  9. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: The Labels Won't Listen - photomontage by Sam Esty Rayner

    Blah blah blah. Just when you think things can't get any worse :eek: This all just needs to stop. Dear God Please Help Him.
  10. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: Goats in Peru

    Why do you always feel the need to do this?
  11. HangtheDJ16

    These DJs have been playing nothing but The Smiths for 28 months straight - NOISEY

    An article I came across on Vice for anybody who's interested... These DJs have been playing nothing but The Smiths for 28 months straight - NOISEY By Kristel Jax Excerpt: "Can we get some "Shakespeare's Sister" up in this bitch?" Unlovable bartender Goldie calls at quarter after 2 AM, as...
  12. HangtheDJ16

    Please disable anonymous posting

    Perhaps Benny gets an exemption (for some reason), but is this not 'off-topic, redundant, or personally abusive'? At the very least it's redundant: it doesn't contribute to any sort of discussion. It's just a pointless, meaningless jibe. Also, Skinny, you don't need to keep repeating yourself...
  13. HangtheDJ16

    Please disable anonymous posting

    Quote from That's a laugh, David. Even though these anonymous posts are 'moderated', why do so many off-topic, redundant and abusive posts still get approved?
  14. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    Yeah, you're right, there are too many people here like you that never actually engage in anything worthwhile; they're just too busy spewing vituperation at other people and Morrissey.
  15. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: List of the Lost, number one

    Far be it for me to want and burst Morrissey's bubble, but those categories/genres would rarely have such a high profile release; it shouldn't make him too excited yet. He's not topping the paperback fiction chart or anything... I also wonder who/where and in what context Morrissey made that...
  16. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: Michael Bracewell comments on Morrissey being without a record label

    The last time Morrissey released a book it apparently did so well that Harvest were only too delighted initially to pick him up (Do I remember Morrissey saying that they wanted him to do public readings from Autobiography in order to promote WPINOYB?)... Maybe he's hoping the same thing happens...
  17. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: Morrissey live at Visalia, California, August 2015, photo by SER (Sam Esty Rayner)​

    I mean, if I was Morrissey's nephew, I would try to piggyback on his success too.. :paranoid:
  18. HangtheDJ16

    Comment by 'HangtheDJ16' in 'The average person'

    YES! Fans and certain posters on this site I think often forget about that, but at the end of the day you're right. When he's gone, people will remember the music; the tirades against the monarchy, politicians, meat-eaters etc will all just be footnote. I'm not saying people won't remember that...
  19. HangtheDJ16

    TTY: Confirmed list of South American dates

    It's because he's coming back to Europe for a book tour, surely ;)
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