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    Morrissey Central "Thwack!!" (April 25, 2021)

    This should be a Viz character. The everyday adventures of Uncle Peter the sour obssessed ex-Smiths fan. "Why paper life's complexity when its RACIST!"
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    A chat with Billy Mernit, who saw clouds in Carly Simon's coffee

    Billy discusses Morrissey's cover of the song "When you close your eyes" that he cowote with Carly Simon.
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    Morrissey A-Z: "Art-Hounds"

    The drums on the recorded version are too much - incessant I love the intensity and the drama of the chorus - a showcase for his amazing voice The lyrics are a bit disjointed - with great moments This song has some truly great elements and was a in my humble opinion a missed opportunity - there...
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    upturned collar

    Anyone know why Morrissey turns up one collar for almost every tv appearance/video?
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    Best songwriter: Morrissey or Bob Dylan

    A song is a musical composition intended to be vocally performed by the human voice. Johnny's work only became a song once Morrissey has added the vocal. After the vocal is on then Johnny becomes a song writer. Until that point he is composer.
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    Best songwriter: Morrissey or Bob Dylan

    Well this isn't true. The song part is the voice and the vocal melody. Morrissey does both of those so he is a song writer. Johnny Marr (when he was in the Smiths) wasn't a songwriter, only when Morrissey added his vocal did what Marr offered actually become a song.
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    Morrissey Live 1995 Brixton Academy, London

    can we talk about 40:43 onwards?
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    Official lyric video - love is on the way out

    Very nicely put together
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    "Knockabout World" Unofficial video

    Thats really kind of you to say. I appreciate the encouragement. X Thanks
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    List of the Lies by Morrissey

    I went to the Outsiders tour, watched Morrissey and left after a few of Bowie's songs, many others did too.
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