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  1. dirtee rephlex

    The Organ "We Should Put That Record On"
  2. dirtee rephlex

    Morrissey - Sisterama

    Starts today, ends whenever.
  3. dirtee rephlex

    The Smiths - Recollections

    a volume every two days. ends sunday.
  4. dirtee rephlex

    I Won't Share You (Ljubljana, 2015)

    Acapella snippet from the 2015 tour in Ljubljana, Slovenia...
  5. dirtee rephlex

    Morrissey on C A Vous, France 5, 2017-10-09

    Mp3 & mp4 :
  6. dirtee rephlex

    "Please, Please, Please..." cover by Puggy & Aline On The Roof

    "Please please please let me get what I want" cover by belgian TV show participant Aline On The Roof and belgian band Puggy : ALICE ON THE ROOF REPREND THE SMITHS EN COMPAGNIE DE PUGGY - Aficia
  7. dirtee rephlex

    Suede - ambition

    As the last Suede discography thread is a read-only archive... Divided as follows : 01. Love & poison (Suede era) 02. Tears of suburbia (Dog Man Star era) 03. Speeding disaster (Coming Up era) 04. Making noise (Head Music era) 05. Disease between us (A New Morning era) 06. Social...
  8. dirtee rephlex

    Beethoven omissions
  9. dirtee rephlex

    The Organ / Full Sketch

    All Organ related threads are archived so I had to open a new one with a question: would anyone have their first EP "Full Sketch" ? Just can't find it anywhere. Cheers to those who...
  10. dirtee rephlex

    USC Galen Center, Los Angeles, December 31st 2015

    01. Suedehead 02. Alma matters 03. Speedway (con Gustavo) 04. Ganglord 05. How soon is now 06. First of the gang to die 07. World peace is none of your business (con Gustavo) 08. This charming man 09. Kiss me a lot 10. I'm throwing my arms around Paris 11. One of our own 12. You'll be...
  11. dirtee rephlex

    A few "Merchant" promos on ebay

    There are a few "Have-a-go merchant" cd's and one 7" at the moment on ebay... 3-track CD's : http://
  12. dirtee rephlex

    Marr being in funk bands prior to The Smiths but Morrissey was, too

    Ian Brown mentionned Marr being in funk bands prior to being in The Smiths so here's "Stop me..." VS Flowchart's "Ask the boss"... Just for fun hey don't get all too touchy...
  13. dirtee rephlex

    1985 nme promo 7''

    MAY 1985 NME FREE PROMO 7'' (plays at 33 1/3) : A-side : - BRONSKI BEAT "Hard rain" (Special mix) - COCTEAU TWINS "Ivo" (New version) B-side : - THE SMITHS "What she said" (Live Oxford 18.3.1985) - U2 "Wire" (Dub mix) Sorry for the quality of the pictures...
  14. dirtee rephlex

    Have-a-go merchant promotional 45

    If anyone's interested... MP. Sleeves states "Have-a-go merchant" as A-side & "Whatever happens, I love you" as B-side. Record plays exactly that. It has the following scriptures on the vinyl : "TIMTOM", "DAMONT" on A-side. "METROPOLIS", "DAMONT" on B-side. Misplaced label...
  15. dirtee rephlex

    Intermission setlists

    Does anyone know if there's a post with all intermission setlists from 88 to now ? I've seen a few posts but links are dead and not all the tours are covered... Thanx for your help.
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