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  1. xfranklyx

    two Nashville Grand Ol Opry hard tickets for sale - 8th row from stage

    Hey. I have two hard tickets for sale, face value, for next weeks show at the Grand Ol Opry in Nashville TN. The tickets are for row E (8th row from the stage). I can meet you at the venue or I can mail them out to you. Please PM asap!!
  2. xfranklyx

    wanted: 1 and/or 2 durham tickets please

    in search of some tickets for the Durham show on monday. PM me please
  3. xfranklyx

    moz london

    my girl is over in london right now for her first time and she was wondering about some places to get some decent moz/smiths bootleg shirts and such for me (what a nice girl, right?!). I don't remember shop names or anything so I'm turning to you ladies and gents. Also I haven't picked up...
  4. xfranklyx

    Morrissey a Hare Krishna?

    sooooooooo........ with the mention of Russell Brand maybe being a Hare Krishna in another thread. I thought I would finally throw my two cents in, cause this has been something on my mind since YOR came out. here is the link that was posted in the other thread and my response to it...
  5. xfranklyx

    america is not the world

    is it just me or did youtube take down any videos of morrissey performing this song live? all i can find is the chirsty moore cover and some audio rips with just moz's picture. would they take it down cause of the anti american subject matter? would they take it down cause of the lyric changes...
  6. xfranklyx

    Belle & Sebastian announce US dates

    so stoked. September 2010 September 30th NEW YORK, Williamsburg Waterfront October 2010 October 3rd LOS ANGELES, Hollywood Palladium October 7th GUADALAJARA, Teatro Estudio Cavaret October 9th MEXICO CITY, Festival Dia De Campo October 11th CHICAGO, Chicago Theatre October 12th TORONTO, Massey...
  7. xfranklyx

    asleep cover

    forgive me if this has been posted already.
  8. xfranklyx

    something ive noticed about moz's support bands and newer bands he likes

    they seem to always have in their myspace influences "the smiths" or "morrissey" you think thats a determining factor on him liking them? can you tell im bored on a friday night. someone please save me.
  9. xfranklyx

    Benicassim - Spain July, 2006 anyone?

    i did a search an found that someone made a torrent of the video from this show. does or can anyone please make a zip file of it with art work if possible.. i would be ever so indebted to you. thanks in advance.
  10. xfranklyx

    how many times has m solo gotten someone in trouble?

    after the ganglord video on vimeo needing a password now, i started to think about other instances of a solo member finding something online, sharing the link with us and then the images being removed from a site, a video needing a password, links being removed from a site, etc. so how many...
  11. xfranklyx

    i want a moz scarf from the last tour!!!

    anyone have an extra scarf or know if they are finally going to sell them online? thanks!
  12. xfranklyx

    ok. who was at the C & F last night and met moz? how has no one mentioned this yet?

    i received a text earlier today that a bunch of people met moz at the cat an fiddle last nite, got him to sign stuff etc. unfort i had to fly back to ny or i was supposed to be there. so... since i didnt make it, i want to hear everyone else's stories about this. also, i thought it was sorta...
  13. xfranklyx

    Pit and GA tix for west coast tour

    who got them and for what shows? GO!
  14. xfranklyx

    5 tshirts for sale

    i thought i'de offer these on here before ebay. all shirts are big on me and i usually wear a small. the 2 white tshirts are the only ones that are worn really, both have some stains and a hole or 2 here or there. they would make a nice back patch on your jean jacket(the reason i held on to...
  15. xfranklyx

    attn nyc & philly moz fans

    NYC- This tues... A morrissey ride.. Philly- This sun... There supposed to be a showing of a new moz doc at the sailor jerry store in south philly. Unfort., I don't have any info on it yet, but when I get some...
  16. xfranklyx

    matt chamberlain

    dont know if anyone really is interested in this but i just got an email about the new tori amos xmas album and at the end of it is says matt chamberlain will be playing drums. i remember seeing him play with her before he had joined moz's backing band and then one time moz announced his name i...
  17. xfranklyx


    after watching that "dear god please help me" video in the other thread, i thought to google it to see what other videos come up. so the first thing that shows up are lyrics, i click on the link and i notice 4 or 5 repliesl I think oh, maybe its just fans saying how beautiful this song is or how...
  18. xfranklyx

    Pittsburgh moz birthday tribute

    i dont think this has been announced but Fri., May 22 -- Tribute If you're among the mopey mods who missed Morrissey's Pittsburgh appearance earlier this year, take heart. Tonight, celebrate the Mozfather's tenure on this planet with Unhappy Birthday: Morrissey 50th Birthday Tribute show...
  19. xfranklyx

    slow news week...(moz/smiths mention)

    in new york magazine dated may 18th, there is a little mention about moz being right..." “Sixteen, clumsy, and shy, that’s the story of my life.” So sang Morrissey, patron saint of high-school outcasts, and if a recent study from the Institute of Social and Economic Research is correct, the...
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