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  1. Ossie

    The Secret of Pop Muzik

    Hello, it suddenly struck me that the beginning of The Secret of Music is very similar to Pop Muzik by M. Anyone else hear the resemblance? Is it deliberate, I wonder...
  2. Ossie

    Poll Opening songs

    I was thinking about how good an opening song Jim Jim Falls is. Which got me wondering about the other opening songs of Morrissey's albums. I think my order of preference would be: 1. Now My Heart Is Full (Vauxhall & I) 2. Maladjusted (Maladjusted) 3. Jim Jim Falls (I Am Not A Dog On A Chain)...
  3. Ossie

    Another source?

    From 14th February 1973
  4. Ossie

    Brow of My Beloved

    Hello, Would anyone be kind enough (Famous When Dead??) to share a good quality version of Brow of My Beloved? I bought the vinyl, but don't have a digital version. I need one because I am obsessed with this song. Thank you.
  5. Ossie

    Never Again Will I Be A Twin (drDJ dance mix)

    Stumbled into this on YouTube. What is the snippet of song at the beginning? "When we'll go, nobody knows"...??
  6. Ossie

    Bob Mortimer mentions dinner with Morrissey

    In the latest episode of the Atheltico Mince podcast Bob Mortimer mentions having dinner at Morrissey's house. I am assuming this was in the early nineties. 1 minute 50 seconds
  7. Ossie

    The comeback years

    Hello, I've made a compilation for a friend who likes The Smiths and kind of lost interest post Viva Hate. I decided that mixing up 1988-2007 stuff with post 2004 stuff doesn't work. So, here is my tracklist for "the comeback years" - post 2004. Obvious omissions are First of the Gang to Die...
  8. Ossie

    Sorry Doesn't Help

    A nod to this: OR
  9. Ossie

    Ganglord Phenomenon

    Does anyone else think that the beginning of Ganglord sounds like "Something Like a Phenomenon" by LL Cool J? I can't imagine Morrissey is a fan... Maybe he is. What a thought!
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