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  1. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Seeking information for Margaret Dale documentary

    She was always kind and very pleasant with me.. she devoted time to complete a book of lyrics and turned it into a book. Its a shame that book couldn't have been produced on a larger scale. There are a lot of fans who are awful to a lot of people but they are looked at as quasi Moz celebrities...
  2. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    What is the font name on this T-shirt?

    I know it's a common one but can't seem to locate it. Thanks in advance.
  3. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Las Vegas filmed!!

    It may just be the Cosmopolitan filming that. I believe every concert is played on the big screen on the strip for anyone to see. This was a quote when Coldplay played here referring the sold out show. "The rest of us will have to settle for watching the concert on the massive screen outside...
  4. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    The Music Box (Nov. 23) ticket info - on sale Nov. 22

    Where are all the regulars? Charging $150 to other Mozzers? If someone is willing to buy me an extra ticket I would be so grateful. Driving down from Las Vegas..I'll throw in a dozen donuts from Ronalds. (Vegan bait)
  5. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    vegas, who's going?

    Here is a video of the Chelsea when Jay Z played. It looks pretty intimate when the camera pans around. So excited for this show.
  6. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    L.A. Times archives: article from '91 about Pauley Pavilion concert and "riot"

    I was there. I remember it vividly. I also remember people stealing merchandise and the cops wacking guys in the back with batons. Crazy Mozza times.
  7. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV


    I was curious about the new backdrop Morrissey put up [Antony Franciosa in Senilita (Careless) 1962] and what would happen if I dropped it in the new amazing google images application. This Movies W Stock Photography site came up. Has some amazing stills. Wonder if Moz browses through sites like...
  8. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Statement by Morrissey in Hot Press on Queen's visit to Ireland

    How in the world did a letter Moz wrote concerning Ireland end up with someone making a comment about "bloody retarded Mexicans"? Bitch please, Morrissey belongs to NO ONE except himself. Get over it. Now I remember why I don't come here often.
  9. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Dana Gould's old Morrissey parody
  10. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    The Smiths added to iTunes

    thanks. Forgot to mention that one.
  11. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    The Smiths added to iTunes

    Discovered this news right now. No official announcement, I guess. Was it an oversight?
  12. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    So whatever happened to?

    I'm curious to know where Nick The Name ran off to. I also miss SwallowNeck. He was hated by most but he made me laugh.
  13. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    Ooh thanks! I don't have that one either. But I should have specified. The one from 2004 when he was at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. It's in Mozipedia and I can't find it on the web anywhere.
  14. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    Mozipedia - your thoughts?

    Does anyone have that photo of Moz lying by the "Smith" tomb that's in Mozipedia? I love that photo but can't find it anywhere.
  15. ThinkOfMeKindlyLV

    person at "Rolling Stone" compared Taylor Swift to Morrissey

    Funny. I skimmed through RS yesterday looking for anything Morrissey related. I would have never thought to check the Taylor Swift review..just skipped right through that one. I just saw the 4 or 5 stars it got and rolled my eyes.
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