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  1. Head Singer Ritual

    Morrissey’s letter to Al Gore demanding “Live Earth” go vegan discussed on radio show (May 2015)

    This is off of a radio show called "Go Vegan Radio". 1st Bob Lindon the host of the show (an animal rights activist) reads Morrissey's letter to Al Gore about his events on Global warming and how it shouldn't serve animal products as that is the major cause for global warming. 2nd We hear Gary...
  2. Head Singer Ritual

    The Smiths - Headmaster Ritual (piano cover + performance mash-up)

    Hi. I made this mash-up for you of "Headmaster Ritual" as an instrumental being danced and lip synced and performed by Morrissey, but we don't actually hear him sing. The result is fun. Hope you enjoy it.
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