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  1. jbjork86

    Morrissey is #95 out of 100 on Latino 101

    Not sure if this was mentioned here before, and don't ask me why I was watching this, but just sitting here on a lazy Sunday afternoon and happened to see Morrissey mentioned on the show. It's a show about the top 100 things Latino's love... Surprising to see he was ranked better than Jesus and...
  2. jbjork86


    Hello to all. I've been a member of here for a while now, mostly just lurking but I've made a few posts and finally decided to introduce myself on solo. My name is Jim and I'm from the U.S :thumb: I live in the smallest state in the country (Rhode Island), and it's kind of hard to find any...
  3. jbjork86

    Ezekiel: Still Ill T Shirt

    I'm not sure if this shirt has something to do with the song "Still Ill" or if it's just some slogan for the company. Anyone have any information? It's at a pretty cheap price.
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