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  1. libby

    Standing ticket for sale Manchester

    Standing ticket for tonight. Would like face value but open to sensible offers.
  2. libby

    looking for a bed in Berlin

    Hey people shamless begging for couch space. I am heading over for the Berlin gig and my accomodation has fallen through. I am travelling alone and know no one in Berlin. I am willing to pay and in return am happy to put someone up after the London gig as am only a 50 min train ride from London...
  3. libby

    lift to Swindon from Brighton

    Anyone travelling to swindon from brighton and have room in the car for 2 more, will pay petrol. Or alternatively want 2 chip in to hire a car i don't mind driving.......
  4. libby

    sunday brixton ticket for sale

    Have had to sell all my tickets for rescheduled dates as very sadly I am unable to attend any of them. Have 1 more to go which is a standing ticket for July 19th at Brixton....... Open to offers sooooo sad:tears:
  5. libby

    ticket for brixton 28th for sale

    Hi, I have a spare ticket for Thurs 28th at Brixton for sale £40 plus postage if any one is looking for one.
  6. libby

    Am selling non Smiths/Moz 7" singles

    As the big 40 approaches i am having a clear out and have decided to sell a small chunk of my singles collection. Am holding on to my Smiths n Moz stuff but some of the stuff iam off loading is allright. Mostly from mid 80's a little 90's and some really bad pop thrown in for good measure...feel...
  7. libby

    What was the first band you saw live?

    Just wondering what everyones first gigs were and when..Mine was Culture Club back in 82 glad to say my taste changed for the better
  8. libby

    in need of a good gritty tv drama

    I have just finished watching The Shield with i enjoyed hugely and before that had my teeth firmly into The Wire. Can anybody suggest a good series to follow these with. Thank you
  9. libby

    be careful what you post on facebook

    Found this earlier, it made me laugh thought i would share......
  10. libby

    Come Dine With Me

    Celebrity come dine with me Celebrity come dine with me has just started on tv again. Which 4 celebs would you invite to your dinner party for an entertaining evening. Me, i would invite Moz (of course) Kathy Burke, Mark E Smith and Stephen Fry.
  11. libby

    2 tickets for sat 30th Brixton

    Due to economic climate and loss of job :(:tears:i reluctantly now have 2 tickets for the saturday night at Brixton to sell £80 for the pair. pm me if interested
  12. libby

    Brixton Sat 2 tixs for sale

    Due to economic climate and loss of job:( i reluctantly now have 2 tickets for the saturday night at Brixton to sell £80 for the pair. pm me if interested
  13. libby

    last chance for standing ticket tues 22nd £37.50

    tues ticket for sale I have a spare standing ticket for Tuesday just want the price i paid(£37.50) or swap for friday if prefered.
  14. libby

    in need of a friday ticket

    If any one has a spare ticket for friday it would make me so happy to buy it from you please please please let me.............
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