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    London 20/09/15 standing ticket for sale

    Hi all, I have a spare standing ticket for the Sunday 20th September show at Hammersmith Apollo to sell at face value (£75 inc. booking fees). I will be attending the show, so can hand it over on the day. Otherwise, can arrange to meet up beforehand (if you are in London), or post it (if you...
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    Morrissey/Barton article A relatively silly article of mine... Hope you like. xx
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    Wedding Present - Once More

    Realise this a Morrissey forum and everything - but can anyone help me out with the chords to this song? x
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    November Spawned A Monster/On Wheels

    The Adverts - 'On Wheels' (1978) What's left in the wheelchair? Who bothers what's in there? Who worries what life's like on wheels? No body to speak of. No willpower, voice, love. Who intends to steer us? On wheels. I'm some new kind of great...
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    Life Is A Pigsty/Sense Of Doubt (David Bowie)

    Has anyone noticed the similarity in the intro of LIAP before? x
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    Does anybody actually like THPGU?

    'cos I think it's alright...
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    I'm quite fond of Hans Meyer's & Ludwig Purtscheller's reaching the summit of Kilamanjaro in 1889. What's everybody else's favourite? xx
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    Worst song on each album

    New game, this might have been done before. Which is the worst track on each Smiths/Morrissey album? You all know the ones you skip past... The Smiths - Still Ill Meat Is Murder - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore The Queen Is Dead - Never Had No One Ever Strangeways Here We Come - Death At...
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    England World Cup qualifying match

    5-1 Not bad. :thumb:
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    f***ing hell

    christ f***
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    I quit my job today!

    Because I am too shy. :)
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    To Bluebirds

    I love your signature! That is such a great song and those lyrics have been so important to me! xxxxxxx
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    I Spy with my little eye...

    ...something beginning with S
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    Ask Johnny Dee...

    From the guardian - amusing one-star reviews of 'classics' from Amazon... The Queen Is Dead, The Smiths "The 80s produced some great artists like Rick Astley, Milli Vanilli, Culture Club, etc. Then this horrible Smiths abomination comes along and makes this cringe-inducing album."...
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    WIA4LW - Cilla Black version

    Does anyone have the original version of Work Is a Four Letter Word? x
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    East of Eden

    Was watching this tonight... Has anyone noticed the line "After she left him, he died. He walked around, but he died." before? Sorry, if it's been brought up, but I don't think I've ever heard this film cited as a source for 'You Have Killed Me'? Seems a decent enough bet, no...
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    Chrissie Hynde namechecks Moz in Guardian 08/08/09

    Chose 'Sing Your Life' to be played at her funeral :)
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    Football's back!

    Come on you Reds! Charlton 'til I die! :D
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    Troxy & Brixton tickets

    Gah! My friend has had to go away and doesn't get back to London til tuesday afternoon. She had tickets to Troxy and the first brixton night! Is there ANY chance at this stage of anyone being willing to swap a ticket for either tuesday or wednesday for saturday or sunday? I'd also be willing to...
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    I'm going on holiday!

    See you in a week xxxx
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