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  1. cherrylipstick

    Munich Roll Call

    Maybe a little early:o but waaay too excited already! Who else is going? Anyone up for a little meet up? Wanted to go with a friend but she's sick now and can't go...
  2. cherrylipstick

    Ticket for Cologne Gig June 11 for sale

    Sadly, I will not be able to go to this gig :( so I have to sell it again (of course I HAD to order it when the tix went on sale...sigh). Anyone who's interested in it, please just PM me!
  3. cherrylipstick

    If you could be Morrissey for one day...

    ...what would you do? :D
  4. cherrylipstick

    The anatomy of a Morrissey fan

    I am not sure if that had been posted before but the search I did came up as empty, I thought it was pretty funny though:D
  5. cherrylipstick

    Show us a picture of yourself kissing a Morrissey album

    The lovely Franissey gave me the idea to this - and we all done this before so why not post a picture of it? Here's mine...
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