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  1. Walkers Crisp

    Birmingham Roll Call

    So, who's going? Are there any pre- and/or after-gig booze-ups planned? Only 4 weeks to go!! :guitar: It would be great to see "Ambitious Outsiders" again, I really enjoyed their set in Brum last May. It's sad that they are no more.
  2. Walkers Crisp

    2 spare Birminham tickets for sale

    1 x STALLS Row H, Seat 3 1 x CIRCLE, Row B, Seat 6 Will sell at face value + service charge (i. e. 39,25 GBP per tix), which is what I paid. These are unused tickets from the cancelled May show, acc. to Ticketmaster they're still valid for the upcoming gig on Oct. 23rd. (TM: "We have...
  3. Walkers Crisp

    Book recommendations - help needed

    I'm desperately in need of good reading material, but at the moment I have no clue as to what to buy. So I'm hoping to get inspired by your input: What are your must-read choices? Favourite books? Worst reads? Suggestions for both fiction/non-fiction are welcome. Ta! :) (Please don't...
  4. Walkers Crisp

    SWAP: Manchester 22nd standing for one seated ticket

    Hello, I have a standing tix for Manchester 22nd which I'd like to swap for a good seat (preferably in the lower circle). Anyone interested? Pls send me a PM. Thanks, -crsp-
  5. Walkers Crisp

    I have 2 spare Birmingham tickets...

    1 x STALLS Row H, Seat 3 1 x CIRCLE, Row B, Seat 6 Will sell at face value + service charge (i. e. 39,25 GBP per tix), which is what I paid. Unfortunately the ticket agency won't dispatch the tix abroad before I set off to UK :(, so I arranged box office pick-up, meaning we'll have to...
  6. Walkers Crisp

    Apollo tickets...

    ......desperately wanted for both shows (1 ticket each). Thanks mucho. Love -crsp-
  7. Walkers Crisp

    "The Youngest Was The Most Loved" brown 7 inch

    Hi there, Has anyone ever seen this before? Maybe I didnt look thoroughly enough, but I couldn't find any info about this 7 inch on Passions. What do you think...
  8. Walkers Crisp

    Moz UK Tour?

    So..when do you think any UK dates will be announced? With the new album being released in the middle of September I was hoping for a few dates to be announced in/around July. But still nothing... Or will he do the US first? What do you reckon? Damn, I need to know soon - I saved up my...
  9. Walkers Crisp

    "This Charming Man" 12 inch NY Mix (RTT 136 NY)

    Hi, I recently bought this record, the sleeve doesn't have the band name on the front cover (only on the back). Does anybody know if there are copies of the NY mix that came in a sleeve with the band name on the front? This question was raised during the auction... The regular Charming...
  10. Walkers Crisp

    "Westwood One Live" Promo CDs

    Hi, I've heard so much about those promos, that is mainly for how much $$$ they are sold - but I have no idea what they really are :confused:. I couldnt find any info on Passions either (maybe I haven't looked thoroughly enough). Could anyone please enlighten me regarding the following...
  11. Walkers Crisp

    "A Chance To Shine" Morrissey Fanzine

    Hello, I'm still looking for issues 1, 2 and 14 of above fanzine (were there more than 14 issues?). If anyone has a spare and is willing to sell it to me please send me a PM. I'd pay 10 GBP for each issue. Thanks mucho. -crsp-
  12. Walkers Crisp


    I absolutely adore her "Rockferry" single, I've been playing it all day. Might buy the album. What are your thoughts?
  13. Walkers Crisp

    Saturday & Sunday gigs cancelled..

    Hi, sorry, this is bad news. I just went to the venue and they announced that tonight's and tomorrow's gigs were cancelled. They will try to reschedule them for a later date....:tears::tears: I hope our poor bunny is feeling better soon. Enjoy London!!
  14. Walkers Crisp

    Wanted: 2 Tickets for Camden Roundhouse, Sat. 26 Jan

    Hi, does anyone have 2 spare tix for the Saturday gig? Please send your price per PM. Thanks very much. -crsp-
  15. Walkers Crisp

    Accommodation in Edinburgh

    Can anybody recommend a nice hotel/b&b within walking distance to the Playhouse? I tried a few places but they are all booked up. Will stay for 3 nights. :) Taa.
  16. Walkers Crisp

    Question about "Satan Rejected My Soul" 7 inch

    Hello, Has anyone ever seen a copy of this single with the "correct" sleeve (which doesnt have "This Is Not Your Country" listed on it)? If they do exist they must be a lot rarer than the misprinted ones... -crsp-
  17. Walkers Crisp

    Aug 16th "Panic On The Streets" Book Launch Event - Free Ticket Available

    Hello, Unfortunately I won't be able to travel to London next week because of work commitments...grrrr...(boss sends me to Austria instead).., so whoever wants my ticket for this party can have it for free - just let me know via PM. Will send it on Thursday per express letter to make...
  18. Walkers Crisp

    Unwanted sig lines...

    how can I disable them? Thanks a lot for your help.
  19. Walkers Crisp

    Perrecy This guy just made my day:D:D "Velourskopf" "PREUSSISCH BLUT BAYRISCH HERZ" *wegschmeiss vor lachen* ROFLMAO
  20. Walkers Crisp

    My Insatiable One

    Hello, does anyone have Morrissey's version available? Thanks a lot in advance.
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