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  1. myboyracer

    Gigs in Leuven

    Hiya All, I will be travelling to Leuven, Belgium on 24 JUN 2013 and stay there for a couple of weeks. Are there any upcoming gigs in that area? are there any cool indie pubs, live band venues, etc? Cheers! mbr.
  2. B

    Marr in ShortList Magazine praises Morrissey the footballer; Obama and The Smiths

    Johnny Marr - ShortList Magazine Excerpt: Have you ever seen Morrissey play football? Yeah, he was pretty good. Pretty fast. He was a surging midfield general. He was quite imposing.
  3. myboyracer

    Jake Buggs's

    Does anyone like Jake Buggs's music? I thought it was quite refreshing with mix of folk, jingle-jangly, hillbilly, country of sorts. Do you think Morrissey will like him too and he is young? :p Cheers! mbr.
  4. kissmyshadestoo

    Hayley Williams of Paramore in a Smiths t-shirt

    Q&A: Hayley Williams on Paramore's Next Chapter - Rolling Stone Related items: Paramore singer Hayley Williams wears Morrissey shirt onstage - Dec. 16, 2008 Paramore - Hayley wearing a very nice shirt! - Nov. 9, 2009
  5. myboyracer

    03NOV12 - Denver, CO - Ellie Caulkins Opera House

    Anyone from this forum going? :) Cheers! mbr.
  6. myboyracer

    Book - Gender, Desire and the World of Morrissey by Nicholas P. Greco

    Hi, Has anyone bought this book? Does anyone have any review on this book? There are no reviews on Amazon. Cheers! mbr.
  7. myboyracer

    Singapore, Fort Canning Park, 08 May 2012

    Anyone from this forum going? Cheers! mbr.
  8. myboyracer

    Gigs/Concert information at Lakewood, Denver USA?

    Hiya, I will be travelling to Lakewood, Dever in mid July 2011. I would appreciate any information on indie/rock bands gigs/concerts, any indie pubs, music/record shops, band tshirts shops around this area? I heard U2 played at Red Rocks before. Many thanks! Cheers! mbr.
  9. myboyracer

    What perfume is Morrissey using?

    Hiya All, I have read in some threads that Morrissey is using: 1. Avignon by Commes Des Garcon 2. Gucci Pour Homme What other perfumes did Morrissey use before? Cheers! mbr.
  10. myboyracer

    Who is the keyboardist playing for Swords Tour?

    Hiya, Whats the name of the guy who is currently playing for MORRISSEY in the SWORDS Tour? its not very tall but very muscular. :D He plays the guitar as well. Cheers! mbr.
  11. myboyracer

    Rings on Morrissey's finger

    HIya, I noticed that Morrissey has two rings on both hands. One white on his left hand and red (?) on his right. What type/sorts (eg mother of pearl, agate, etc) of rings are those? cheers! mbr.
  12. myboyracer

    Wanted: Morrissey (Swords Album Cover Black) T-Shirt - Large

    Wanted: Morrissey (Swords Tour) T-Shirts - Large HIya, I am looking for the below Tshirt. Size, LARGE (40-42) 1. Morrissey (Swords Album Cover Black) T-Shirt Black t-shirt with "Swords Album Cover" front print and "Tour Dates" back print Weblink...
  13. myboyracer

    Songs for Wedding walk-in

    hiya All, Im looking for some songs for my friend's wedding walk-in. It will be a wedding dinner walk-in. I used "Shes The One" by Robbie Williams many many moons ago. What I had in mind are: 1. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are floating in space - Spiritualized 2. Bittersweet...
  14. myboyracer

    Who is the person featured in current backdrop @ Morrissy's gig?

    Hiya All, Whos the person in the backdrop in this Morrissey's gig? Cheers! mbr.
  15. myboyracer

    Smiths gig with 2 drum kits

    Many many moons ago, where video tapes are popular, my friend showed me a video of a SMITHS gig with two drum kits and two drummers. May I know which venue and date is this? .... and who is the drummer. I couldnt remember if the 'extra' drummer played the whole set or just a few songs...
  16. myboyracer

    Songs to Save Your Life CD compiled by Morrissey

    HIya, Does anyone have the audio tracks to share or where can I download them? Its a free CD given by NME during 2004. Thanks! :) Cheers! mbr.
  17. myboyracer

    Morrissey's vocal

    Hiya, Did Morrissey go through any vocal lessons or any theory lessons? Every note he sing and the songs he penned are truely amazing. :guitar: Cheers! mbr.
  18. myboyracer

    RARE/ ONE OFF Black Double bass from Morrissey tour '08 from Ebay UK

    HIya All, Just found this on UK ebay. Cheers! mbr.
  19. myboyracer

    Dont Make Fun of Daddy's Voice - Lyrics

    "Don't make fun of Daddy's voice Because he can't help it When he was a teenage boy Something got stuck in his throat" What could have got stuck in his throat? Cheers! mbr.
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