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  1. Very Moz

    Looking for MEN newspaper 25-05-09

    If someone has an extra copy of the Manchester Evening news newspaper of that day which includes the "Fan´s tribute to Morrissey" please PM me. thanks:)
  2. Very Moz

    Ringo Deathstarr for those shoegaze lovers they have much of many bands I like (J&MChain, my Bloody V, Ride, etc) but they sound really good and worth a listen, I think :)
  3. Very Moz

    New York Dolls audio interview mentioned Morrissey

    NYdolls gave 3 concerts this week in Argentina. They have been interviewed in a radio show, to listen to it go here Look at the i-pod icon it says "reproductor Kabul" go to "audios" (click the button below) select "audios Kabul" "entrevista New York...
  4. Very Moz

    Which next song from YOR deserves a video?

    To me it´s "Carol" speaking with a friend (Natan) yesterday we finally decided a spaghetti western style would suit perfectly to this song such as in "The man with no name" "A Fistful of Dollars" etc, I would prefer guns replaced for something else but still have to think about it...
  5. Very Moz

    Los inrrokuptibles Magazine- Moz on the cover

    Moz interview in this month edition of Los Inrrokuptibles (Argentina), haven´t bought it yet going to the shop right now.
  6. Very Moz

    WANTED:2 standing tixs Manchester 23rd

    wanted: 2x May 22nd+ 2x May 23rd + 2x RAH If anyone has or know about someone with spare standing tixs for these dates, please pm me , I thank you, I thank you with all of my heaaaart:guitar: (singing)
  7. Very Moz

    From Cambridge to Hull?

    Have been looking for trains and buses, anyone can tell me the best option? it seems there is no trains, and buses takes like 6 hours or so. I would much appreciate a clue about this.
  8. Very Moz

    David Holmes - The Holy Pictures

    Has anyone listened to the new album? I think it is sublime plenty of tips of many bands I like so it sounds familiar but different. great album!
  9. Very Moz

    Suedehead * Rapado

    After many years looking for it, finally I found a copy of Suedehead 12" but as it is an argentinian edition titles are in spanish, is not a big deal but for me it is:) and want to share it with you all so here go some pics Cover is not in very good condition as for some...
  10. Very Moz

    NK Hall, Tokyo Bay, Japan 17/12/1995 VIDEO?

    I am looking for video of the shows in Japan 1995, but no luck. Anyone? thanks in advance:) VM
  11. Very Moz

    Barbarism begins at home 7" German* Help needed*

    I bought this item on ebay , got it today... catalogue Nº is ok, vinyl is in excellent condition, ......but the cover of the album is not kind of cardboard as usual for other singles it is just simple paper in colours and with the image on the sleeve etc. My question is is it ok...
  12. Very Moz

    80´S Fans only

    Yesterday don´t know why or how I found this in internet. I used to have a good laugh at many of these bands in the 80s but now I would go to have a good memorabilia of course I am not going for obvious distances reasons but I think Juxebox Jury You will be there and I bet Molly probably...
  13. Very Moz

    Moz myspace-02 Wireless Exclusive Presale Tomorrow

    According to a bulletin in myspace: Morrissey has been confirmed as the headline act on Friday 4th July at the 02 Wireless Festival in Hyde Park. This will be Morrissey's only UK appearance this summer, and demand for tickets is set to be extremely high. As such, an exclusive...
  14. Very Moz

    Roundhouse Friday 25-01-08

  15. Very Moz


    Does anyone know a site where I can buy official t-shirts ? Thank you in advance.
  16. Very Moz

    Andy Rourke in Personal Fest Buenos Aires

    Hello, Not sure if someone would care about this info considering so many Moz´s dates coming soon in Europe, but last Friday was announced that AR will be in this Festival taking place in Nov in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I supposed it is going to be a DJ bye
  17. Very Moz

    Aberdeen, Stirling, Greenock bootlegs?

    if someone has them , please? ....thank you in advance :o
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