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  1. ThisCharmingGirl

    Champions League 2009

    Who do you think is gonna win it?
  2. ThisCharmingGirl

    Akinator, the web genius

    Think about someone (anyone, famous or not) and play. He's really a genius :guitar:
  3. ThisCharmingGirl

    UEFA Euro 2008

    I know it’s a bit early to discuss about it, but I saw this on the telly today and I founded it very funny :D L4s71SfkZfg&hl=en,20144,12396_3114148_12385,00.html Thanks UK and Ireland! :D Maybe this year with your additional support we can break...
  4. ThisCharmingGirl

    Desperate djs (Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey) at Razzmatazz (Barcelona)

    If anyone is interested, Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey (Pulp) will be djing next Friday 14th December at Razzmatazz disco in Barcelona in the celebration of its 7th birthday. Jarvis used to djing there some years ago when it was called “Sala Celeste”. Then it was called “Razzmatazz” in homage to...
  5. ThisCharmingGirl

    Morrissey crazy fan attack :eek:
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