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    A few Smiths vinyl items up for auction on ebay

    Up for auction now... The Smiths "What Difference Does It Make?" 12" Morrissey cover The Smith This Charming Man 7” The Smiths "William, It Was Really Nothing" Billie Whitelaw 12"
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    Smiths vinyl and cd singles for sale

    Some Smiths vinyl and cd singles for sale on discogs... I generally went with the discogs recommended prices or less. I'm open to offers, especially if you want to combine multiple items. Happy to send pictures of items... The Smiths - Ask...
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    Gary Day and the Gazmen 12" for sale

    Gary Day and the Gazmen 12" for sale on discogs. It's kind of rare, or a kind of rare.
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    Talent Borrows, Genius Steals bootleg cd from 1990s

    Hello, Would anyone have interest in buying "Talent Borrows, Genius Steals" bootleg cd from 1990s? I bought from some guy who was selling it as a CD-R bootleg of Morrissey b-sides, long ago. It's kind of an odd duck of a bootleg...
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    Mispressed "the more you ignore me" cd for sale

    Weird "the more you ignore me" USA cd single that plays techno music from "Bass 305." One of a kind? So feel free to make an offer...
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    Old Smiths bootleg lps, cds

    Hi, I have some odd Smiths live LPs I'd like to sell. Just curious if it's worth my time putting them on ebay. Any opinions on whether people actually want these old bootlegs and the price range would be much appreciated. Smithsessions Live at Electric Ballroom Nice bit of meat Anyway, any...
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