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    Question about Moz re-sched NYC date

    Hi, Folks! Hope you are staying well in this crazy time. I haven't been here in a long time, so pardon anything that's already been discussed. I LOVE Morrissey and you all. Last year, this very month, May 2019 was such a glorious time. Caught Moz FIVE times at his Broadway shows and it was...
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    The 2 NYC Shows

    I caught 7 of his 10 (?) (something like that) shows here in NYC last May, on Broadway. Incredible! I skipped the Forest Hills show in the Summer because I had no interest in hearing do a show about his "covers" album. TWO things about his upcoming 2 shows in NYC, and would welcome any...
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    Are there any Moz fans who feel like me?

    Hi, all. Been loving his music and going to his shows since forever. Went to 5 of the 7 shows in May here in NYC! But didn't go here to Forest Hills cuz I really didn't want to hear so many of his "cover" songs from recent album, PLUS the very slow ballads they've been doing, like "Munich"...
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    November Spawned...

    Hi. Can anyone kindly tell me if there's a backstory to this song? Like is it about a particular person? (Elephant Man)? Or , like a lot of M's songs, is it an allegory for some THING else? thanks.
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    The song "Maladjusted"

    Hi. I'm fairly new to this wonderful site, even though I've been a Moz fan since forever (and caught 5 of the Broadway shows). So if this has been discussed before forgive me (and Jesus). I've been listening to the Maladjusted album a lot recently and digging it all over again. And the opening...
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    What does this great Moz lyric mean?

    Hi. I've been listening a lot recently to the comp album "My Early Burglary Years". In the song "Nobody Loves Us", Moz says: People think all we do is lie around And think of how rich we'd be If we didn't think life could improve I love ALL his lyrics but this has been staying with...
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    5-Day Pass Sales: Very "Fishy", Suspicious

    Unless I'm wrong, no 5 day passes were on sale for Thurs.' pre-sale. There's no f***in way they could've LEGITIMATELY sold out in one minute!Not sure what hanky-panky was involved, but something smells. No doubt about it. Either Ticketbastard only had very few to sell and it was an enticement...
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    5-Day Pass Sold Out In 5 Minutes?!!

    Went on Ticketbastard at 10:05 am , (NYC) , and the 5-Day deal was sold out. Kinda surprised. Many individual shows are still available, all sections, now (10:30am.) Oh, well.
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