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  1. appleblonde

    Long Live The Smiths' "Complete Works' on NPR, Fresh Air

    Listen to this radio segment on NPR program Fresh Air. Ed Ward reviews 'Complete Works'.
  2. appleblonde

    Mirror 80 - reflecting on 1980s style

    Do you collect furnishings, clothes, jewelry from the 1980s? Isn't it time for another Art Deco revival? A friend of mine started this blog... Check it out. :flowers:
  3. appleblonde

    RTF- Please Call Me!

    I wanted to post this to get RTF on the phone to sell some tix! Please call me if you are awake! Thanks
  4. appleblonde

    NYC Tickets For Sale!

    I have tickets for Mon, Oct 22 & Tues, Oct 23 in NYC. I'll sell them for less than $65. PM me do discuss. :)
  5. appleblonde

    NYC Hotels, Hostels

    I've never been to NYC, but a group of 5-6 Morrissey fans are looking for a place to stay. We want very economical options. If anyone has any insight please let me know. Also, if there's a group/individual who's already staying in a hostel and looking for a roommate or two let me know. I...
  6. appleblonde

    NY Tickets for Sale!

    I have a 5 Ticket Pack for NYC, and I would like to sell the first two tickets (with front of the line privileges). PM me if you are interested in either ticket. I will sell them for what I paid, which is less than you would pay for them as individual tix. ;)
  7. appleblonde

    NYC 5-Ticket Pack

    So, it seems that there will be 5-ticket packs sold for the shows in NYC. I would like to share the pack with someone if at all possible. I would like to attend Oct 26-28 shows, and get someone to take the other 2 tix. Please let me know if you are interested!
  8. appleblonde

    Moz fan on Singing Bee

    As I was channel surfing this evening, I paused on the new Singing Bee show when a contestant mentioned that his favorite bands were Morrissey and Depeche Mode. That show is pretty annoying, but his mention of Morrissey caught me off gaurd.
  9. appleblonde

    PANIC ON THE STREETS- A Smiths/Morrissey Guide

    REPOST: from the author, Phil :) PANIC ON THE STREETS The Smiths and Morrissey Location Guide. Following on from my 1st book 'Morrissey's Manchester' in 2002, this new guide gives you an updated Manchester guide, a full London guide of over 70 related places (gig venues, places...
  10. appleblonde

    Is Morrissey using GIAC song for intro???

    San Antonio girl band posted the following on myspace. Has anyone heard this song before a show? From: GIRL IN A COMA Date: Jun 4, 2007 7:33 PM Subject Morrissey using GIAC song!/Vote For Video Body: For those attending Moz's shows.... he is using Clumsy Sky for his mix intro...
  11. appleblonde

    Too old to rock...

    here's the article... why is Johnny Marr mentioned first and no additional info on Morrissey?
  12. appleblonde

    GIAC in Austin tonight

    GIRL IN A COMA May, 10 2007 at KICK OFF SUMMER TOUR //Red Seven w/ Sparklemotion 611 East 7th street, Austin, Texas See you there... and if you wanna carpool call my cell 254 217 3106. Kim :)
  13. appleblonde

    Favor from any Austinites!

    I need a favor from someone living in Austin or San Marcos. I have to get to the airport on Thursday at 4 p.m., and I currently do not have a ride. I need either a ride from SM or a safe place to keep my car and a ride from there. Please help me out guys... I'm going to Moz Angeles... I'll...
  14. appleblonde

    80's night- San Antonio

    Indie/80s night @ Limelight tonight- Show Starts 9 pm Wilton- The Smiths Not The Government- Joy Division Mad Dash & Whiz Kid- Run DMC See ya there! :)
  15. appleblonde

    My Morrissey ticket came with a Free Burger!

    I guess that always has Sonic drive-in coupons on the back of concert tickets, but I just think it's somewhat ironic to have a free burger coupon on the back of a Morrissey ticket.
  16. appleblonde

    Austin after show meet-up

    Who's up for meeting after the show at The Backyard? That venue is pretty far west, so I'm not sure what's over there. Suggestions? Contact me if you are interested.
  17. appleblonde

    Los Angeles meet-up

    I will be coming out to LA the first weekend in May. I would like to meet as many fellow Morrissey fans as possible. Feel free to send me a private message or i'm on AIM- kimvicious29. :)
  18. appleblonde

    Life without Morrissey

    Where would you be without Morrissey?
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