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  1. tjkomi

    The Smiths - Songbooks: The Queen is Dead, The Smiths, The Smiths Best Vol. I, Strangeways, Here We Come, The World Won't Listen (pdf)

    Here are 5 The Smiths songbooks. Maybe some of them were posted here before, maybe not. If somebody wants to learn how to play some songs during this lock down. :) Besides music sheets they contain some really nice photos, too (most of them). Albums: - The Smiths - The Queen is Dead - The...
  2. tjkomi

    Morrissey - Revealtion (Uncompressed AIFF)

    Here is a little contribution from my side, if anybody needs it. Few months ago here was requested Revelation in flac. I have it in AIFF (Uncompressed), it is not flac, this should be better. As far as I remember this should be first version posted, from Motorways, as FWD posted in that thread...
  3. tjkomi

    Request: Songs to Save Your Life CD compiled by Morrissey (2004)

    Hi, digging through my hard drive these days, trying to finally sort my Smiths/Morrissey collection in a proper way, I have realized that I have this compilation as low quality wma. Probably downloaded from Soulseek ages ago. My media player wont play wma files at all. Can any kind soul upload...
  4. tjkomi

    In The Future When All’s Well (live V Festival 19 Aug '06 and 20 Aug '06)

    Somebody asked for these. Here they are as a separate thread. WAV files In The Future When All's Well (live V Festival 19 Aug '06) download-only In The Future When All's Well (live V Festival 20 Aug '06) download-only BR
  5. tjkomi

    VIDEO: Noel Gallagher in Moscow - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Noel Gallagher Live in Moscow There Is A Light That Never Goes Out MPEG Video 320x240 10.45 MB Grabbed of Youtube, then converted, credits to the original uploader. Enjoy! P.S. I have one more video of Noels cover of There is a light, I...
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