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    Best live performance of a song?

    What would you say is the best live performance of song by Moz? I would have to say the Introducing Morrissey version of “Speedway”- spectacular towards the end. Honourable mention - the version of “Life is a Pigsty” that transitions into “Auld Lang Syne” and then explodes into “How Soon is...
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    Why was “Speedway” cut from Drury Lane 1995 on “Vauxhall and I” 20th anniversary?

    It’s the definitive version for me! And i can’t understand why it’s not included on the bonus cd? It was recorded fine, “Shoplifters” obvs was cut due to not being able to perform it due to fans but that recording of “Speedway” is phenomenal
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    Tobias on IANADOAC

    Anyone else impressed with Jesse Tobias on the new album? Know he gets a bit of stick on here, but I think some of his guitar playing and tone on this new record is really great, particularly “Jim Jim Falls” “IANADOAC” “Who Lives in These Houses?”
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    In light of everything...

    was the tour a success? Before the tour, this forum was full of talk of horrendous sales, definite cancellations, the impact of coronavirus and poor set-lists. Now, Moz did not sell out the venues, but in the grand scheme of things, with the years he has had, the comments he has made, the...
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    Some Say I Got Devil

    Just listening to some tracks from California Son and reckon that “Some Say I Got Devil” would make a fantastic opener to the upcoming UK/France tour dates. Ominous and a little pantomime villainesque, it would be a brilliantly theatrical way to open the show, as smoke and fog are being pumped...
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    Morrissey six track mixtape

    BBC 6Music did a few “six track mixtapes” over the Christmas period, using decades and certain artists, Bowie etc. What would your Morrissey six track tape be? Or a Smiths one? Could be a collection of your favourites, or a more calculated bit of minimalist song curation, an entry level into...
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    Best Bookended Albums

    I have often found that Morrissey's albums often begin and end quite spectacularly, a lot of times featuring the albums best work, so what is everyone’s pick for his strongest start and finish? Haven’t included The Smiths, or any of the revised versions of deluxe editions.
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    The Smiths scarf?

    Has anyone ever seen one of these? Recently acquired The Smiths concert style scarf, cannot find any information about it, not sure if it’s an original concert scarf (it does smell “old”) or a recent vintage style piece. Either way I don’t mind, it’s a nice little item, just wanted to know if...
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    Unexpected songs to return?

    I wholeheartedly welcome Sunny" / "William.." "Break Up the Family" "Hairdresser on Fire" "Is it Really so Strange?" and the inclusion of "Dial a Cliché"! I don't think many expected any of those songs to appear out of nowhere like that! I never thought he would do "Sunny" ever again, it seemed...
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    "We'll Let You Know"?

    Anyone have information about "We'll Let You Know"? Mainly where the "crowd noise" originated from? I presume it was from a similar sound affects record like "Last Night...". Also, who played the flute? coda at the end of the track.
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    Best compilation?

    A bit of fun, after purchasing ‘This Is Morrissey’ recently, I wondered what everyone’s favorite solo compilation is (not including the HMV/Parlophone singles releases). I expect ‘Bona Drag’ to come out on top, but who knows!
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    What would you love to hear?

    What song would you love to hear Moz perform now? Aiming for more of an unplayed/rarely played track vibe, but any responses are worthy! I would love to hear him play ‘These Things Take Time’ - I think it would be an excellent suprise set opener, and for a solo track, I love ‘A Swallow On My...
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    Fair price for ‘Ringleader’ vinyl?

    What is the general consensus on a decent price for ‘Ringleader of the Tormentors’ on Vinyl, in decent comdition. Seen the median on Discogs is between £50-£100 and there are only going to get scarcer (unless the ‘fans’ who are selling their beloved Moz collections pull their fingers out)...
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    Setlist - how difficult will Castlefield Bowl tickets be?

    Hoping to grab two tickets for Saturday in the morning, wondering what the general consensus is on difficulty in obtaining them? The Feb tour tickets were easy, gotvthem through Amazon pre-sale, but with it being a smaller venue, in Manchester, I’m a little anxious it will sell out too quickly...
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    The Needle Drop "Morrissey double downs on controversial comments" video

    Fantano's take on Moz's controversy. Big fan of Anthony and his channel, so I went in to this video with a little trepidation, however I do think its a fair judgement. The best points that he makes in my opinion are that sone of the questions Morrissey was asking were valid, just as usual with...
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    What songs should return?

    After seeing that "Glamorous Glue", "I Started Something...", "I'm Not Sorry" and "Hold On To Your Friends" have all been introduced on this tour as well as the new tracks, giving hope that Moz may start to once again pick through his back catalogue, what songs would everyone love to see live...
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    'Spent the day in bed' one month on...

    A month on and with multiple live performances and radio plays, how is 'Spent' feeling now? Its grown on me, its a catchy, fun pop track with a touch of the predictable Moz politics
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    What does the end of 'Autobiography' mean?

    I know its not topical, but I have always wondered about the end of 'Autobiography', and now after my partner has raised the same query I wondered if anyone on here has a answer. Why does he ignore the girl? Is it a fan and is Moz being the same as Bolan was to him as a young boy? Is it despite...
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    'The Smiths' or 'Morrissey Shot'

    Going to purchase a new Smiths/Morrissey book (already own 'Songs that Saved...' and 'Peepholism') and have it tied between Linder's 'Morrissey Shot' and 'The Smiths' by Nalinee Darmrong. Any people out there with strong opinions on which is the better piece?
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    What songs for next tour?

    Assuming a tour will be held next year, apart from new tunes (fingers crossed) what songs would you love to come back into the set, seen as the 'WPINOYB' tour has come to a close and the set needs a freshen up. I would personally love to hear • A Rush and a Push and The Land Is Ours • A...
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