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    Where's Wonderful Woman?

    It's not a part of any official album, is it? Is it just on the b-side of This Charming Man?
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    Very silly question about downloading torrents

    How long should it take to download a torrent from Mine seems to take billions of years using Final Torrent. I'm a newbie to the whole thing.
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    Rare Smiths Videos?

    does anyone know any links or downloads for the following rare videos; -the Smiths on Y.E.S. playing What Difference Does it Make? and This Night Has Opened My Eyes in 1984 - Barrowlands 1985 videos or audio (I have the Hand in Glove Video and the What's the World? Audio already) - 8 Days a...
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    How Soon is Now on Top of the Pops?

    I've been going through the Passions Just Like Mine website, and according to them, the Smiths performed How Soon is Now? on TOTP. this is exactly what it says; "14 February 1985 - Top Of The Pops (UK, BBC1) How Soon Is Now? Morrissey mock-machine guns the audience for Valentine's Day. "...
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