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  1. matt

    Bona Drag reissue signed poster
  2. matt

    "My Love, I'd Do Anything For You" (instrumental) on Match of the Day

    Instrumental of 'My Love...' just used in a highlights package at the opening of Match of the Day.
  3. matt

    The other voice at the end of WPINOYB

    At the end of the title track, I think it's spanish, anyone know what it's saying? I guessed it's the song title, but can't figure it out.
  4. matt

    Smithstorrents still working?

    I registered at smithstorrents but they've not sent the email with the link to confirm my registration!
  5. matt

    2 Seated Tickets for Manchester, Lower Tier For Sale

    Face value £45 each, so call it £90. Block 109, Lower Tier, Row F, seats 3&4.
  6. matt

    2012 tour merchandise

    What (If any) T-Shirts and other merchandise is available on the current dates? My lad's club t shirt has certainly seen better days!
  7. matt

    Least-Favourite Moz/Smiths Tracks

    Sorry if this has been done before, and I'm sure it has. (Mods move/merge if so) What's everyone's least favourite song, either Smiths or Moz solo? Just wondered because I've been listening to Sound of the Smiths today, and Shakespeare's Sister really grated on me to the point where I had...
  8. matt

    Ads at top of pages

    If I click the search button I can't access the box to type in because the adverts are stuck over it, i can't describe this issue any better than this so I hope you catch my drift!
  9. matt

    Delays: Star Tiger, Star Ariel

    Anyone a fan of Delays?? The new album 'Star Tiger Star Ariel' is out on the 21st June, I for one can't f***ing wait! Saw them in Stockton on Tuesday, brilliant as ever.:thumb: Matt
  10. matt

    3 Moz/Smiths books for sale

    Getting rid of some books including these three, figured I'd see if anyone here is interested: Rogan's 'Morrissey and Marr: The Severed Alliance' (£14.95) Rogan's 'Morrissey: The Albums' (12.99) Goddard's 'Songs That Saved Your Life' (14.99) Worth about £42 in total. All 3 for sale...
  11. matt

    REQ: Editors 'Cuttings' Bonus Disc

    Hi, Anyone out there have the bonus Disc to 'The Back Room' entitled 'Cuttings', and is able/willing to share it on here? Can't find it for the life of me and copies on the internet go for a fortune :(
  12. matt

    My CDs for sale

    Im selling all my cd's, all 178 in total, on eBay cus Im skint :( It would be great if anyone knows someone who'd be interested. Matt
  13. matt

    REQ: Franz Ferdinand Single 'No You Girls' B-Sides

    Hi, Has anyone got the b-sides to the Franz Ferdinand single 'No You Girls'? If so, would you be willing to share them??
  14. matt

    Editors - In this light and on this evening

    anyone got this yet and it able to send it somehow? its available as a torrent but i can't get it to start downloading for some reason. And yes, im going to be buying a physical copy anyway!
  15. matt

    Boxer Rebellion - Union

    I was in HMV on monday and was glad I had a reason to hang around longer than usual bcause they were playing this album. I think it's fantastic. There are points which can be compared to radiohead, thirteen senses,etc, but theres enough originality here to keep me interested. Anyone else like it?
  16. matt

    Little Boots

    needs a slap. Or a punch. That is all!
  17. matt

    Handsome Devil Live

    Is anyone able to send me the live version of this which was featured on the single of Hand In Glove?
  18. matt

    This Charming Man Manchester Version??

    Is this just another name for the single version of TCM? I'm trying to make a chronological playlist of the entire collection of Smiths B Sides and I need this one so any help is appreciated.
  19. matt

    Rough Trade documentary on bbc 4 now.

    Maybe getting ahead of myself but surely a smiths section will be on it?? EDIT snippet of Johnny in the intro so its agiven!
  20. matt

    Editors New Single 'Papillon'

    Sorry if anyones already posted: Gives me the new order vibe, but with curtis vocals! Glad to have this band back, one of my favourites!:thumb:
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