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  1. chris

    Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce interviews in The Guardian

    The Guardian has a little article where Andy and Mike reminisce about the early days of the band. How we made: Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce on the Smiths' first gig - The Guardian 'Morrissey was yodelling with his legs in the air. There was shock in the front row' Interviews by Dave Simpson
  2. chris

    andy and mike article in the guardian

    not sure if it's been posted here yet, but the guardian has a little article where andy and mike reminisce about the early days of the band.
  3. chris

    George Harrison's 'All Things Must Pass'

    what an album! i'm going through a sort of spiritual crisis atm, and this album has been (excuse the pun) a godsend. there is so much yearning. i don't have george's confidence in the existence of 'god' per se, but i completely identify with that search for a higher meaning in life, for...
  4. chris

    Morrissey and glam rock

    70s glam was one of mozzer's first big musical loves. bolan, early bowie, roxy music etc. how do you think he incorporated glam into his own music? is the influence there?with the smiths, his lyrics were always tagged as 'northern'. the shelagh delaney influence was always played up- grim...
  5. chris

    Morrissey and ghosts

    apologies if this has been brought up previously, but i was flicking through mozipedia and was intrigued by the entry on ghosts. in particular mozzzer's comments about the '12 o'clock candle' ritual. it involves staring into a mirror at the stroke of midnight with only a candle for light...
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