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  1. Lustman

    Morrissey ‎– Alma Matters LP bootleg

    Hi all, I sell the last one of my personnal made bootleg (8/8) Morrissey - Alma Matters (2018, Vinyl) | Discogs If someone is interested : Morrissey ‎– Alma Matters LP - Maladjusted the smiths - THE LAST ONE IN STOCK | eBay
  2. Lustman

    World sell of each album

    Hi all, Where can i find the world sell of each album of Morrissey and the smiths ? thanks 🙋
  3. Lustman

    Paris, 11/03/2020

    France has just prohibited meeting of +1000 people. The show will be cancelled...
  4. Lustman

    My new photo

    Hi all, don't know if it's the good area to show it This is my New photo inspired by Morrissey My Work
  5. Lustman

    Méga rare 'last night'
  6. Lustman

    11 december 2018 : Johnny Marr is coming to sign his autobiography in Paris

    Information via his editor that translate his biography in french, Johnny Marr is coming to sign his biography in Paris the 11 december 2018 at the FNAC les halles. To be confirmed...
  7. Lustman

    French lyrics of LIHS

    Hi all, Someone can post the french lyrics of LIHS. I'm curious of the translation. Thanks
  8. Lustman

    Louder than bombs signed

    Hi all, Do you think it's a genuine autograph ? The letters are stranges, like the "I" or the "Y" Thanks
  9. Lustman

    strangeways here we come ocean green title

    hi all, i sell strangeways here we come ocean green title on ebay Thanks
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