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  1. King Leer

    What could've been a masterstroke with "Israel"

    The song Israel undeniably powerful, even if I'm against everything that government stands for and does. Great vocal melody and music. What would’ve been brilliant is if Moz had recorded a counterpiece called Palestine. The irony with Moz is that he has so little faith in human nature, yet...
  2. King Leer

    I Bury the Living's song within a song

    Had been meaning to post track-by-track impressions of Low in High School but have been just too busy. Overall I like the album a lot. There are some bits, like the topic of this post, which recall the glory of The Smiths and best solo work, while others are daft or cringeworthy. And that's OK...
  3. King Leer

    "Low in High School" - Instant Classic or Damp Squib?

    Morrissey's new album, "Low in High School" is set for release in mid-November, with some of the new songs sure to debut shortly before that on BBC 6 Music Live in October, and at the twin Hollywood Bowl shows on Nov. 10/11. Moz gaining the backing of a major label (and being gifted his own...
  4. King Leer

    Did Morrissey base his spoken interview style on Vince Taylor?

    I mean, other than the ciggie and French language it's just astonishing how similar Morrissey's diction/facial expressions are to ol' Vince circa 1977:
  5. King Leer

    Morrissey performing new (old) ver. of It's Hard to Walk...

    I've checked the boards here and Spencer's FB page, but haven't been able to find out the story behind Morrissey performing the alternate (is it accurate to call it "original"?) version of It's Hard to Walk Tall When You're Small on the current tour. I believe it was January of this year when...
  6. King Leer

    "Istanbul" is a bit like Meja's "Hippies in the 60s"

    Sitting in some diner and the song "Hippies in the 60s" came on. Aspects of it reminded me of "Istanbul". Had to Google it via lyrics. Some artist named Meja. Song is from 2001. Erm…that's all.
  7. King Leer

    The Animals

    Been listening to this timeless band a lot lately. I really like Burdon's no-nonsense, straight-to-the-camera delivery. Has Morrissey ever mentioned this band? The Animals bowing at the end of songs seems like something Moz and his crew have picked up, too.
  8. King Leer

    Everyday is Like Sunday lyric change

    On the latest tour Morrissey seems to have changed a lyric in EDILS: Scratch on a postcard: Oh, Mama, how I dearly wish I'd never been born Morrissey makes all kinds of small adjustments and gag changes to his lyrics, but this one is a pretty significant alternation to a stone classic. Do you...
  9. King Leer

    Is "World Peace…" Morrissey's most divisive album ever?

    Been trying to keep up with all the reviews for World Peace… and it seems to have the widest range of scores ever for a Morrissey solo album, averaging out to a decent 71 on Metacritic. Is there another album in his discography that even comes close to simultaneously garnering so much praise and...
  10. King Leer

    Do the tracks and early reviews bode well for Morrissey's best album since Vauxhall?

    Based on what you've heard and read so far, do you think World Peace Is None of Your Business will be a stronger album than all of Morrissey's releases post-Vauxhall (that means Southpaw Grammar, Maladjusted, You Are the Quarry, Ringleader of the Tormentors and Years of Refusal)? Based on...
  11. King Leer

    Two Andy Rourke co-writes being played on this tour. Could it be...

    the Mozfather's way of offering an olive branch, or a little dosh for Andy's past efforts? (Yes, I Am Blind is a minor classic, Girl Least… fun, but not so much) Or would Andy not see live royalties if he's not playing on the tour himself? Andy and Johnny seem to be getting on like a house on...
  12. King Leer

    1991 Holland show on Youtube

    Recently uploaded to Youtube, courtesy of Stephane: M.C. Vredenburg, Utrecht, Holland 1st May 1991 Moz seems even more wired in this than in Live in Dallas. He's never mentioned doing charlie, but…
  13. King Leer

    Reggie Kray do you know my name?

    Some main board trolls keep bringing up the rumors about Cliff Richard. I had heard them over the years, but never went out of my way to read anything in depth until today. All the lascivious stuff aside, what caught my interest was the relationship between Richard and the Krays, specifically...
  14. King Leer

    Penguin Classics imprint justified or part of ongoing, unjustified mythologizing of Morrissey?

    First of all, I'm loving the controversy swirling around Morrissey's Autobiography, much of it propelled by the "Penguin Classics" imprint. It's particularly pleasurable watching journalists who've tried to make a name out of sniping Morrissey lose sleep. They even throw Morrissey's own song...
  15. King Leer

    A Morrissey lookalike who predates Moz and had a long (if largely anonymous) career in rock music

    Not sure why the other lookalike threads have been archived (or does that happen automatically?) Know who this is?
  16. King Leer

    Will Morrissey's Career Return to Greatness?

    Even long-time fans who weathered the winter years and controversies are pretty worried now about the prospects for a Moz resurgence. Or is he legendary enough that one isn't even necessary? And furthermore, do we consciously or unconsciously hold Morrissey up to higher, perhaps even...
  17. A

    Johnny Marr talks early days of writing songs with Morrissey pre-Smiths "band" on Sodajerker podcast

    An anonymous person writes: That bit starts around the 41:22 mark and lasts until 49:30 EPISODE 42 – JOHNNY MARR - Sodajerker Songwriter and guitarist Johnny Marr, loved by pop fans worldwide for his work with The Smiths, The The, Electronic, Modest Mouse and The Cribs, joins Simon and Brian...
  18. King Leer

    Daft Punk's Giorgio by Moroder

    One of the greatest tracks I've heard in years!
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