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    Oasis soup

    You get a Roll With It.
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    Does Morrissey still like Boxing?

    What with the re-issue of Southpaw, and the fact Mozzer apparently hates the old sleeve, i was wondering...does Mozalini still like Boxing? Or was it just a mid-90's fad gone awry? And whatever did happened to Corenilus Carr or whatever he was called?
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    Will Morrissey ever reach the Top 20 again?

    With the charts becoming almost completely download orientated, and major acts like U2 and Oasis struggling to make the top 10, i ask - will Mozzer ever reach the top 20 again? His last 2 singles have failed to make the 20, and i can't ever see him having another 2004-style renaissance, so is...
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    Looks like Years will only be in the top 75 for 4 weeks.

    Years is down to 64 this week - that makes the Chart run:- 3 12 31 64 And no doubt it will be out next week. That is terrible - even worse than Vauxhall's run, and even significantly less than Tormentors - that at least managed 4 weeks in the Top 40! Looks like the bad old days of...
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    Lewis Hamilton - a total c***

    I need to say 2 things before i go any further:- 1 - I love Formula 1 2 - I'm not racist. Right, with that said, allow me to proceed and call Hamilton the biggest c*** F1 has ever seen. A totally over-rated, over-hyped lucky c*** who didn't deserve to win the World Championship last...
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    It's like time hasn't moved on....

    Yesterday saw the re-release of The Bluetones 1996 debut masterpiece Expecting To Fly, complete with a second disc of previously unreleased BBC recordings. Couple with the release of the new Oasis single on the same day, buying it in HMV made me feel like it was 1996 all over again...
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    Pathetic little people with pathetic little lives

    Ah, well it's a welcome return to the forum for me after being banned for 4 days. Banned - because i had an opinion. Now make no mistake, i like this forum, and there are a lot of excellent contributors on here, but there are sad little c***s as well. I posted a thread about Anal...
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    Anal intercourse with a woman

    Up until recently, i'd never had Anal with a woman (my ex-wife was as frigid as a plank of wood), but my new girl occassionaly lets me in the back door - i can't believe how great it is! I mean, i'd never turn gay, but i must admit - the tightness is a turn-on, coupled with the feeling that...
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    Does anyone else still love VHS? For me, it is still the ultimate format - it was what was going when i was growing up and getting into films, and it will always hold a special place in my heart. What with car boots & charity shops, you can pick up classics - and i mean classics - for as...
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    Lucy Pinder

    How f***ing hot is Pinder? Gorgeous face, brunette & a body to die for. She's the ultimate woman.
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    Erasure are f***ing brilliant - end of. They have endured for almost a quarter of a century, yet don't seem to be revered in the same way Pet Shop Boys are - why not? Unlike PSB, Erasure have done it their way and not tried to stay with the times. They release quality music and have...
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    The Bluetones....

    ...are one of the best bands of all time. Period (as the Amercians would say). Not only did they burst onto the scene with one of the greatest debut albums OF ALL TIME (an album that hasn't aged a not in 13 years), they have continued to put out quality music ever since. Yet they remain...
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    The Oscars - Heath Ledger

    Don't you think it's a bit rude that Ledger didn't even bother to turn up for the Oscars? I mean, Jesus, some people out there would kill to get an Oscar & he doesn't even make the effort to show! Ungrateful bastard - he better have had a good reason.
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    Morrissey on Mute?

    In light of a comment made on another thread that Mozzer may not land another major record deal if YOR's sales aren't up to snuff, i ask this - why doesn't he sign up to Mute? They seem the perfect label for him. Still small enough to be independent, but a major player as well, with a quality...
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    Your other favourite artists?

    Ok mine are:- Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Depeche Mode New Order The Bluetones Erasure Pulp Oasis Talking Heads There hasn't been a really good new band since The Bluetones started.
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    Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

    NC is really the only artist who comes close to Morrissey in terms of legend status. He is an amazing singer / songwriter, author, actor, novelist & screenwriter. And to top it all, he's just getting better with age - and not many can say that.His last 2 albums have been career highlights...
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    Veggie thread trilogy 1 - Do meat-flavoured products mean you're cheating?

    I'm a veggie - and proud. But some people tell me that they think eating faux meat products (such as veggie burgers, veggie hot dogs, even meat flavoured crisps) means i'm cheating. Personally, i think those people are mentally ill, but what do you think? As long as it's not meat, it's ok in...
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    Is Morrissey gay?

    In response to the pathetic comments made here I've decided to ask that very question - is Mozzer Gay? Well,is he?
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    Do you think Morrissey is getting fat?

    Is it just me, or do you think Mozzer is getting a bit rotund? I think he's been looking a bit podgy round the midriff recently - maybe he's getting a bit of middle-aged spread? I can see him as a fat crooner in 20 years, still peddling his greatest hits!
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    Why Morrissey must start releasing albums in January

    It is a well known fact that January is the weakest time of the year for releases. It's easy therefor to score a false chart position in that month for an artist whose sales are on the wain. That is why Morrissey must start releasing his albums in January - he would be almost guaranteed a...
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