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  1. Stanley the 2nd

    Moz and Steve Jones photo posted on @jonesysjukebox / Instagram

    Moz and Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols (in case you didn't know). From Jonesy's mildly amusing instagram feed. Some amusing comments as well. Not quite sure where Mr Jones' right hand is.
  2. Stanley the 2nd

    MorrissTea mugs available from Proper

    Just noticed this on instagram. Brought one of their football mugs a while ago and it was good quality. Think most of them are plastic. Just the thing for work, or not as the case might be.....
  3. Stanley the 2nd

    Morrissey tea towels

    Bold and Noble are selling Morrissey tea towels. I think they might have done the cover for Mozipeadia as the design is very similar. Also David Bowie tea towels if you are into that sort of thing! £10 each or £17 for both.
  4. Stanley the 2nd

    Bruce Duff / A chance to shine fanzine

    Whatever happened to Bruce Duff and his a chance to shine fanzine? Back in the days before the internet this was an essential fanzine. I used to enjoy browsing select-a-disc in Soho and coming across a new copy. I think I ended up having a subscription and then one day, like all good things, it...
  5. Stanley the 2nd - is history repeating itself?

    I had a thought the other day - didn't the girls who used to run the site have a similar experience with Morrissey that Davidt has just had? For those of you who might have forgotten, morrisseytour was a website set up around the time of the 1999 tour and was a like a tour...
  6. Stanley the 2nd

    What next for Morrissey?

    What is going to happen next in Morrissey world? Since the start of the current tour we've had all manner of bizarre episodes. The Janice Long session with mixed feedback, meeting Joey Barton, the solow t-shirt, being bitten by a dog, Davidt being ejected from a concert and finally the banning...
  7. Stanley the 2nd

    Brighton Rock remake

    Went to see the Brighton Rock remake at the cinema yesterday which has just come out in the UK. I wasn't really expecting too much as the reviews had been mixed but I must say that I really enjoyed the film. Not totally sure why it was set in the 1960's but that doesn't distract from the film...
  8. Stanley the 2nd

    Cool Morrissey (inspired) greeting card

    I ordered a Morrissey inspired greeting card from and thought a few other moz-solo'ers might be interested. I don't any affiliation to the site but I thought the card was really cool and might be of interest. It's under the "new wave victorian" part on their site along...
  9. Stanley the 2nd

    The Jesus Lizard reform

    Am I the only one really excited that The Jesus Lizard have reformed?! They were an awesome live act back in the day and it'll be good to see them live again. I have my ticket in the bag for the London show which incidentally only cost £22.50 (please take note Moz) and I hope they don't disappoint.
  10. Stanley the 2nd

    WANTED: Salisbury ticket

    As the topic really. If anyone has a Salisbury ticket for sale, then feel free to drop me a line. Stanley.
  11. Stanley the 2nd

    John Betjeman

    Hello, I was curious if there were any other John Betjeman fans on this forum? Morrissey said that Betjeman was his cultural icon in a BBC interview a while back and I have to agree. Banana Blush is essential listening as are the recordings of him narrating his poetry. I like the humour as...
  12. Stanley the 2nd

    Unusual Poster for sale....

    I've had this poster sitting around the house for a few years and have decided to put it on ebay. I don't normally bother coming on here to promote my auctions as it's normally run of the mill stuff, but this is a poster which I haven't seen anywhere else. It was brought in November 1999 from...
  13. Stanley the 2nd

    Mark E Smith autobiography

    Just finished reading the new autobiography by Mark E Smith, and what an excellent read it was. The funniest thing I've read for a long time and full of amusing stories and his observations on the human species. There were a few mentions to The Smiths and Morrissey, unsurprising really. The...
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