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    Scott Walker

    Hello, is anyone around here was a fan of Scott Walker? I've never heard his older music but I've been listening to the albums Tilt and The Drift. I like some dark music [disintegration has some dark songs right?] but his music is almost frightening at times! Very interesting guy I think but...
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    Vauxhall and I is Overrated

    I come on here occasionally just to look around really and I've seen so much praise for this album but I don't really get it. I don't dislike Vauxhall and I, I think its a decent album, better than Kill Uncle and Maladjusted actually. Other than a couple of excellent tracks though the album...
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    New albums from Björk and The Drums

    Well Im pretty excited about these releases. Sorry to use one post for both I just didnt want to take up much space :) But yeah I really wanted to go and see Björk in Manchester a couple of months back but nobody would come with me :o I hope she tours around here soon So does anyone else...
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    Hey :) hopefully its not rude to start another topic when I have only made a couple of posts here :( and excuse my bad grammar most of the grammar keys have broke on my keyboard. Anyway Blondie have a new album - Panic of girls - coming out in June sometime I have all their albums so far and...
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    Well I looked back over the past 10 or so pages here and couldnt find anything about Sparks - perhaps nobody likes them here :( But anyway Sparks are one of my favourite bands- and I just wondered what anyone else thought about them and what your favourite songs or albums are My favourite...
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