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    "Vauxhall & I" exclusive blue vinyl included in HMV’s Vinyl Week (in stores Aug. 15, 2020)

    In store from 15th August, pressed onto blue vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies. Whatever you might make of his politics or his increasingly grumpy interventions into public life, there's no denying that during his time as...
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    Johnny Marr on Phil Taggart’s Slacker Podcast

    Hello Slackers! The podcast that unearths the artists early demo's is back for another week. On our next episode of Season 2 our guest is one of the most influential guitarists of the last 50 years. He's played with The Smiths, The Cribs, Modest Mouse, The The and more. This week Johnny Marr...
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    “Shoplifters of the World Unite” - Top of the Pops 05/02/1987

    The Smiths performing “Shoplifters of the World Unite” on Top of the Pops aired on BBC Four tonight. You can watch it for the next 28 days on iPlayer. Begins at 08:37.
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    Rubber Ring - voice clips?

    Does anyone know which people speak towards the end of Rubber Ring? The one saying "everybody's clever nowadays" sounds very much like Tom Baker to my ears!
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    Smiths cover star suggestions

    It's well documented that The Smiths never appeared on the front covers of any of their releases during their tenure, instead opting for numerous other faces. Some were famous stars, some stemmed from literature and some are unknown. Who would you liked to have seen on the cover of a Smiths...
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