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  1. Peeks

    Where to buy this shirt?

    I've been trying to find this shirt since forever! Does anyone know where this shirt is from and where to buy it?? any clues?:confused:
  2. Peeks

    What am I doing wrong?

    Okay thought I'd get some opinions or thoughts from fellow Solo-ers. Okay so what am I doing wrong? I've never had a boyfriend or anything close to that, and I've really never been approached by anyone ever. I look at other people my age and they seem to have no problems with this at all. I...
  3. Peeks

    Stable condition

    Just got this off the Morrissey Facebook feed posted a few seconds ago it seems: Morrissey is in stable condition after his collapse in Swindon Saturday night. Thanks go out to all his well wishers, more information will be posted as soon as it is available. I guess that's the first official...
  4. Peeks

    120 Minutes

    Lately I've been watching the video block 120 minutes on VH1 Classics, and they've been showing a handful of Morrissey videos! It was such a nice surprise, yesterday they aired 'Everyday is Like Sunday' followed immediately by 'How Soon is Now', Then today they aired 'Sing Your Life' and towards...
  5. Peeks

    Song recommendations?

    So a friend of mine listened to the soundtrack for the movie '500 Days of Summer' and she discovered TIALTNGO and now wants recommendations for Smiths/Morrissey songs. What songs would you guys recommend for someone who liked TIALTNGO? I'm thinking she'd enjoy the more upbeat songs, anyway...
  6. Peeks

    Hey everyone!

    Hey everyone I'm not sure where to put an intro thread but I figured this would be the best spot! Well anyways I best introduce myself! Well you could say I'm a relatively new Morrissey/Smiths fan, I've known OF them for quite some time, and I hadn't realized that 'How Soon Is Now' was a smiths...
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