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    Viva Morrissey @ Dry Bar, Manchester on Morrissey's Birthday!

    There are no advance tickets, just first come first served on the door..........capacity is 300 so don't miss the boat on the night:cool: MAY 22nd - DRY BAR - MANCHESTER 28-30 Oldham Street , Manchester, M1 1JN A celebration of Morrissey's birthday featuring Morrissey/Smiths related music...
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    Ian Curtis To Have 'The' Bridge Named After Him Jukebox Jury
  3. Jukebox Jury

    JJ's Easter Message To The World

    Jukebox Jury
  4. Jukebox Jury

    Stop Brutal Slaughter Of 20,000 Dolphins by Japanese

    Yes, that mean's you too:thumb: Jukebox Jury
  5. Jukebox Jury

    Nouvelle Vague

    A colleague at work lent me their first album:guitar::guitar::guitar::guitar: Can't stop playing it!:rock: Pure cover versions that are very very good (a forest, I just cant get enough, making plans for nigel, love will tear us apart, guns of brixton:cool:) and this one Jukebox Jury
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    What's Good About Friday?

    Apart from it being a Bank Holiday?:thumb: (For UK users only;)) Jukebox Jury
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    Message for 'I am a Ghost'.

    Go to bed. It's late:sleeping: Jukebox Jury
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    Strangeways Riots...20 years ago today

    I remember it well..... the Poll Tax Riots had been the day before in London and then City went to Villa on the Sunday....not won away all season.....thousands of Blues packed behind the goal chanting non stop ''we're not paying the poll tax, na na na na etc'' and ''you can stick your f***ing...
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    Morrissey To Play One Off ''Acoustic Set'' For BBC6

    A very good friend of mine (and a source for past info that has been correct) sent me a text to say Morrissey is to do a live acoustic session for a forthcoming Radio BBC6 show ''within the next two weeks'' - including a new song he has been working on:eek: I sent a text back but she wouldn't...
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    The Other Two

    Completely overlooked in favour of other New Order side projects...... This my favourite from their early 90's album:guitar: Jukebox Jury
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    Memo To UK Members BST Starts 2am

    Dont forget to turn your clocks forward an hour at 2am:thumb: KVvgyO0E7M0&feature=related Jukebox Jury
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    Have you ever had the urge to post a new thread but.....

    ....not had any topic or subject in mind to discuss?:squiffy: Jukebox Jury
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    The Star & Garter Friday 2nd April

    Bloody hell.....this has come round quickly......maybe the weekend following the March night of The Smyths and Viva Morrissey both appearing live has made it seem a short month:guitar::guitar: Anyway, so yes, where was I...... Yes, this coming Friday, usual blah blah blah OH! Tis the...
  14. Jukebox Jury

    JJ's ''Going Underground''

    I'm just about to do something I have wanted to do for around 15 years:eek: There are ''secret'' tunnels underneath Manchester - the council try to deny them (though a recent book makes that a little difficult:lbf:) and tours down there are rare or simply just hush hush events. I have...
  15. Jukebox Jury

    Mike Joyce In Buzzcocks Tribute Night.... Manchester's 'Band On The Wall' on 28th May. Mike will be performing songs from 'Spiral Scratch' and the bands first two albums along with Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess, Damon Gough (Badly Drawn Boy), John Cooper Clarke and other band members from The Whip, I Am Kloot and Dutch...
  16. Jukebox Jury

    Salford Lads Club in today's MEN

    Along with the band Kid British and some unknown canadian footballer:rolleyes: Jukebox Jury
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    Viva Morrissey - Newcastle Upon Tyne Saturday 3rd April

    APRIL 3rd - WORLD HEADQUARTERS CLUB - NEWCASTLE World Headquarters Club & Globe City Gallery, Curtis Mayfield House, Carliol Square, East Pilgrim Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom NE1 6UP Advance tickets priced at £5 available from...
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    The Alarm

    A very underated and often mocked band. This is my favourite song - the intro reminds me of Bruce Springsteen's ''The River''. They are playing Manchester next month....think I'll be there:guitar: Jukebox Jury
  19. Jukebox Jury

    Youth ''Orders'' Black People To leave Store

    :eek: Reminds me of the time I was at Manchester airport waiting for a flight to Southampton for a City game. The supporters club had chartered the flight and we were all waiting in the departure lounge and the...
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    Kes: 40th Anniversary

    :bow: Jukebox Jury
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