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  1. smith4


    need some advice on renting a flat, I'm on a placement for 6 months and have no idea on how to go about even looking for a place around the area i need to be in. I dont even know how much is reasonable to pay - help
  2. smith4

    ok so i've been away what did i miss thread

    Ive been travelling :D
  3. smith4

    the soap thread

    will phil kill archie?
  4. smith4

    anyone done that search for

    people you knew when you were younger on facebook? how depressing is that
  5. smith4

    I need motivation to go for a bike ride today

    the beautiful weathers not enough
  6. smith4

    Craziest things youve ever done - sty version

  7. smith4

    craziest things youve done

  8. smith4

    Things that you wish you could do but cant

    mine is that whistle you do when you put your fingers in your mouth.
  9. smith4

    So whats for dinner?

  10. smith4

    My new haircut was basically and event

    leading to me basically being robbed - to go or not to go back and demand a recut?
  11. smith4

    Naked office tv programme on itv

    apparently a naked office working day aims to change relationships at work, i bet it will :lbf: oh if any of you want to be enlightened? and live in the uk i think its on tonight at 9.
  12. smith4

    Best stand up comedy clips me
  13. smith4

    Ok so - how do i get a friend list?

    anyone wanna you know, be my moz solo bud? :blushing:
  14. smith4

    Morrissey / Smiths songs you blast...

    when you are in a car and whine along to much to the amusement of other drivers as they watch flowers fly from your exhaust pipe. Last of the famous international play boys, can't help holding the 'peeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrfectttttttttttttiiiiiing' line longer than he does.
  15. smith4


    The first person posts five lettters, and then the next person has to make a sentence using words that begins with those letters, and then post five letters for the next guy. Eg: S I R C A SHALL I REALLY CLARIFY AGAIN GRYUJ
  16. smith4

    It really irritates me when...

    people think they are invincible and stand in the middle of the road talking, or walk incredibly slow when you are doing 40 and when you blare your horn act like YOURE the one with the problem.
  17. smith4

    This diet is sh**

    *?$%^@^%^$%&^!!!! People are now telling me that i look pale and dont need to lose anyweight. Can i die from eating no carbs? Anyone care - what a silly thread. Hm, if anyone does i can explain.
  18. smith4

    If you had...

    the chance to travel back in time to see moz, which era of his career would you choose, and what would you say - would you tell him about the bad press of the nazi related accusations? johnny marr leaving? etc..
  19. smith4

    Funniest adverts
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