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  1. nickbatcave

    Illness As Art - new Smiths & Morrissey interview and information archive

    Months ago I came here asking for assistance, and also alluded to a project of mine; Collecting and sharing a scan, transcript (or both) of all of The Smiths' and Morrissey's interviews. Well, today I've come to share the link to my new website hosting what I collected and salvaged from now long...
  2. nickbatcave

    Anyone have these Smiths interview scans? + archive

    Hello, I am trying to rebuild an interview archive, something like what Morrissey-Scans was. I have made considerable progress, but one of the things I am missing is a scan of the Hot Press 4 May 1984 interview with The Smiths. If anyone has this scan, or any of the following, it would be much...
  3. nickbatcave

    Anyone have this photo? (By Renaud Monfourny?)

    Yes, I come here all the time asking for interviews and photographs and such, but you all are always so helpful! The other day I found a screenshot of this photograph from a video, and I assume it was taken by Renaud Monfourny, because of the lighting and such (it seems to be from the same shoot...
  4. nickbatcave

    Moz interview about underwear?

    I was listening "At Amber"/"The Bed Took Fire", and the lyric ,"I will sleep in my clothes", brought to mind a very early solo Morrissey interview, where the topics ranged from different things, but one of the few things I remember were the interviewer asking if he knew how to play the guitar...
  5. nickbatcave

    Whatever Happened to Morrissey-scans?

    I never really took to researching The Smiths and Morrissey until recently, although I've been a fan for years. Now that I am more interested in collecting articles and such, Morrissey-scans is linked to a lot on the "Passions Just Like Mine" site, and I think I vaguely recall visiting it once...
  6. nickbatcave

    What interview is this from?

    I know I appear in these forums a lot asking questions, but you all are very good at finding things, so I thought I'd pick your brains, I found this image on Twitter: They said it's from a 1987 radio interview, "a few months before The Smiths split", but according to the 'Passions Just Like...
  7. nickbatcave

    Morrissey Shot, difference in editions?

    I just recieved the US edition of Morrissey Shot today in the mail, but when I flipped through, I saw the photo of his torso covered in glitter in the tub, but not these photos (shown below), which appear to be sourced from the UK edition? Does anyone know if they are from the UK edition? Also...
  8. nickbatcave

    Anyone have the photo in this video?

    I came across this channel/video when browsing Morrissey's music, and I can't google image search the photo because the text on top, does anyone know where to find it?
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