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  1. Kitty3780

    "The Queen is Dead" - Album of the day on 6music

    Hi all, If you have internet access, and you fancy listening all day long, then you might want to visit the following site: Alternatively, you might just be interested to know that today, Tuesday 16 September, 6music have selected "The Queen is Dead" as...
  2. Kitty3780

    Fundraising trek to South Africa

    On Sunday 24 February 2008 I am flying to South Africa to take part in a charity trek for Mind (The National Association for Mental Health) and Scope (the Cerebral Palsy charity). Those of you who know me may be aware that I have bi-polar disorder (manic depression). I have lived with this for...
  3. Kitty3780

    The Smiths feature in latest issue of Mojo - March 2008

    Apologies if someone has already posted this, but I did a quick search and couldn't see it... In the March 2008 issue of Mojo, released today, there is a 24 page feature on The Smiths, who are the issue's cover stars. They also feature in the top 50 Indie records countdown. For more...
  4. Kitty3780

    Smiths discussed in 6 Music's "7 Ages of Rock" TONIGHT!

    BBC 6 Music have been running a series of radio shows to compliment the recent TV programmes on BBC 1 about the 7 ages of rock. Tonight's show, the last in the series, looks at Indie music at the Britpop scene, with a focus on The Smiths. Johnny Marr will be contributing. If anyone is...
  5. Kitty3780

    Glastonbury 2004 broadcast on 6 music tonight

    In honour of Morrissey's 48th birthday tomorrow, George Lamb will be broadcasting Morrissey live at Glastonbury from 2004. The show is on between 22:00-01:00 GMT, and you can listen on Digital Radio, or online: Not sure what time the broadcast will be, but hope...
  6. Kitty3780

    Boz Boorer/Johns Children on BBC6 Music TONIGHT!!!

    If anyone is interested, Boz will be on the Marc Riley show on Friday 9 March from 7pm talking about his career and work with Johns Children. Hope everyone catches it. :) PS. Sorry for putting tonight... I was well ahead of myself.
  7. Kitty3780

    Vote for your favourite cover on BBC6 Music

    6 Music are doing a listeners vote for the listeners favourite cover, starting tomorrow on Liz Kershaw's show (10am-1pm), and continuing for the next two weeks... This can be any track covered by an artist as a single, b-side, or even simply performed live. I don't know about you, but I...
  8. Kitty3780

    Morrissey Mentions in this week's Guardian Guide

    Yes, I know it's terribly pretentious, but I do read The Guardian and in this weeks Guide, I noticed two mentions of Morrissey, which I thought I'd copy in for your reading pleasure... 1. Music Listings Section - page 29 "Never mind Manchester, this year it has become apparent just how...
  9. Kitty3780

    Morrissey related items on ebay

    I'm not selling, or buying, but I saw this on ebay and I thought it was really lovely. The person who runs this shop is clearly a fan and there are loads of Morrissey themed T Shirts as well as the pillow cases. I can't think of anything more beautiful than laying my head down on a...
  10. Kitty3780

    Morrissey Knickers???!!!

    Just browsing on ebay for more Moz related stuff to spend my money on when I came across these: This has got to be the weirdest thing I ever saw. I could make a...
  11. Kitty3780

    Pair of Tickets for Moz at Wembley tomorrow!

    Hi all!, Just wanted to let you know that in today's Metro, they are giving away a pair of tickets for the concert tomorrow, so if you would like a chance of winning, you need to go to the Metro website, register an account (really very quick and easy to do), then simply click on the link to...
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